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Product Demonstration - Dimension FastScan   

Dimension FastScan is the first AFM to achieve the perfect balance of scan-speed, resolution, accuracy, drift, and noise, making fast scanning atomic force microscopy a commercial reality. Whether using the Icon scanner with ultra-low noise and high accuracy or employing the FastScan scanner for high scan rates, this system will expand your laboratory's capabilities.

We will have a Dimension FastScan system in Australia and New Zealand in October available for trial.

Please contact Christian Gow (Aus) or Dr Robert Wooley (NZ) for further information or download the brochure.

Discover New Structural Detail with Highest Resolution Chemical Imaging

Featuring 10-nanometre spatial resolution infrared chemical mapping, the second-generation Inspire from Bruker is an exceptionally powerful and veratile nanochemical characterisation system. With IR EasyAlignTM Inspire simplifies scanning near-field optical microscopy (sSNOM), a powerful technique for identifying chemical composition at the nanosale. This system expands Bruker's exclusive PeakForce Tapping technology to provide new information for graphene research, polymers, complex materials and thin films, instantly correlating chemical maps with same properties, such as modulus, conductivity and workfunction.

Image right : Graphere plasmonics, image size 18┬Ám

"Inspire is really the first fully integrated sSNOM solution. That combined with its PeakForce Tapping capabilities will allow us to perform novel experiments right from the start. I am pleased to partner with Bruker to expand the great potential of sSNOM as a versatile tool for broader scientific discovery"
Professor Gilbert C. Walker, Chemistry, University of Toronto.

Download the brochure.

Terahertz Probing and Characterisation by Lake Shore

Lake Shore exhibited their prototype Terahertz (THz) on-wafer cryogenic probing arm during the recent European Microwave meeting in Paris, France.

The probe arm, which will be released later this year, is designed to enable precise probing of millimetre-wave devices and materials at THz frequencies (75GHz and up) in a LakeShore CPX, CPX-VF, CRX-4K or CRX-VF probe station. By using the arm with a cryogenically rated probe and compatible VNA's installed on a probe station, researchers can perform calibrated S-parameter and other high-frequency electrical measurements at cryogenic temperatures and in high magnetic fields.

For further information click here or for information on Lake Shore's new 8500 Series THz System download the brochure.

Webinar : AFM Based Conductivity Measurements

Date : Wednesday 16 September, 5pm AEST


Localised conductivity measurement in nanoscale generates great interest due to its many applications ranging from nanomaterials, energy conversion materials and devices, to semiconductor devices. The development of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) enables localised conductivity measurement by using conductive probes and high sensitive amplifiers. However, it is technically challenging to get quantitative electric properties with desirable repeatability.

In this webinar, Bruker will discuss the optimisation in operating AFM based conductivity, including probe selection, sample preparation, normal force setting, scan rate and choosing different imaging modes. Bruker wll also report on the recent developments in conductivity measurements, which is based on newly developed peak force tapping technology.

When : Friday 25 September, 1am AEST


Orientation Imaging Microscopy (QIMTM) Analysis is a powerful and comprehensive application for the visualisation and analysis of Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) mapping data. With a feature set that includes multiple different map styles, different plots for displaying orientation and misorientation data, and charts showing the distributions of numerous metrics measured and derived during EBSD pattern analysis, OIMTM Analysis allows users to freely investigate and understand their materials and microstructures.

In this webinar, the basics of OIMTM Analysis will be reviewed, and advanced features including data partitioning, user templates, highlighting, interactive analysis, and batch processing will be presented.


Dr Paul Wardill
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Christian Gow
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