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WPI Sale -15% Discount On All Products !

The WPI End of Financial Year Sale is now on ! 15% discount is available on all products until 30 June 2015. This includes all products in WPI's Equipment Catalogue, including their complete line of Live Cell Imaging equipment, from heaters and humidity controllers to full microscope enclosures. Other key products include a biaxial test system for biomaterials, digital stereotaxic instruments, programmable high precision motorised micromanipulator and Swiss made forceps and tweezers. Contact Tim Watts for a pricing or click to view their Laboratory Equipment and Surgical Instruments catalogues online.

Webinar : From Correlated, High-Resolution Imaging of Single Biomolecules to Investigating Cell Mechanics

With guest speaker Dr Hermann Schillers, University of M√ľnster, Germany

Date: Thursday 18 June, 1am, AEST


The BioScope ResolveTM is Bruker's latest advancement in atomic force microscopy (AFM) for biological research. Specifically designed to be integrated and synchronised with optical microscopy, including fluorescence, confocal microscopy, and super-resolution imaging, Bruker will describe how the BioScope Resolve is providing new methods of studying cell mechanical properties and investigating the mechanisms involved in mechanotransduction.

Sensitive High Resolution Imaging of Submolecular Structures

Bruker's PeakForce Tapping technology allows consistent, routine imaging of soft biological structures, membranes and biologically significant molecules in their native liquid environment at the highest possible resolution.

High resolution imaging of soft structures requires delicate control of the AFM probe and sample interaction. PeakForce Tapping allows direct control of the tip/sample forces and imaging with the lightest contact forces, and the highest resolutions across all length scales from whole cells to submolecular structures.

In a recent application note Bruker have demonstrated not only high resolution imaging, but how imaging force plays a critical role in the measured size of soft structures.

PeakForce Tapping technology with ScanAsyst automatic imaging optimisation provide not only the best possible measurement capability, but also the ease of use required for a routine imaging platform, and is avialable on all Bruker Bio-AFM systems including the new BioScope Resolve, FastScan Bio and MultiMode 8.

Image above : 3D topography image of a single herpes simplex virus obtained in ScanAsyst mode in buffer solution. The spatial arrangement of the individual protein molecules on the surface of the virus capsid, also known as the capsomere, is clearly visible in the AFM image (ScanAsyst Fluid + probe, k~0.7 N/m)

Microscope Cleaning Accessories

Coherent Scientific carries common items required for cleaning and maintaining excellent performance of your microscope, including blow balls, lens cleaning tissue as well as lens cleaning kits. Contact Julia King today, phone (08) 8150 5255(08) 8150 5255, to order these items over the phone with your credit card. Download the pdf for prices.


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