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 April, 2013

OPO Enables Multiphoton Microscopy at Longer Wavelengths

Coherent’s Chameleon family of femtosecond lasers provides the highest power and broadest tuning range of any commercial laser for multiphoton microscopy.

The capabilities of the Chameleon family are now extended with the introduction of the Chameleon Compact OPO (optical parametric oscillator) which, together with the Chameleon, provides gap-free tuning from 680nm to 1600nm. The laser and OPO wavelengths may be tuned independently, giving unrivalled flexibility in two-colour experiments.

Operation at longer wavelength means less scattering, hence deeper tissue penetration. It also permits the use of new dyes that are becoming available for long wavelength excitation such as mCherry.

The new OPO has been designed for simplicity and ease-of-use and is a “black-box” wavelength extension that may be ordered with new Chameleon lasers or easily added to existing installations. Control of the Chameleon laser and OPO is fully integrated into the software of most major microscope manufacturers.

2013 WPI Catalogue for Life Sciences

The new 2013 catalogue from WPI is now available and it is packed full of some exciting new products. From new surgical instruments and some new binocular loupes to a live cell imaging system. The new SI-BF100 is a highly flexible LED-based fluorometer for many life science applications, like ratiometric calcium detection and ATPase detection. Also new, the 8l BioClave Mini is the perfect autoclave for small spares.The Live Cell Imaging incubation chamber has a unique diffusion grid with input and return vents to provide an air flow pattern for consistent even heating.

Contact Tim Watts today for a copy of the new catalogue or download.

Improving Performance in Stimulated Electrophysiology

Electrophysiology relies on the detection of very small voltages and currents that are generated by cells and tissue to external stimulii. The use of unshielded signal cables to detect weak electrical signals, or the failure to adequately shield experiments from sources of external electromagnetic interference often leads to voltage and current noise larger than the stimulated signal of interest. Further as the stimulus and detection is done with probes of micron dimension, external vibration, and the subsequent movement of the probe, also increases electrical noise on the detected signal.

TMC’s lightweight Faraday Cage enclosures provide good attenuation from the common sources of electrical interference such as AC power lines, and motors. When mounted to a TMC 63-500 Laboratory Table, or when using the bench top cage with a 66-501 Table Top Platform the TMC enclosures can provide the solution to detecting these weak signals.

Edinburgh Photonics Fluorescence Spectrometer

An upright or inverted microscope can be connected to the new FLS980 Fluorescence Spectrometer for steady state spectral and/or lifetime measurements. The FLS980 is a fully automated, modular and flexible fluorescence spectrometer for both fundamental research and routine laboratory applications. The addition of a microscope and imaging camera further enhances the capability of the FLS980, allowing measurement of specific points within a sample and for imaging with monochromatic excitation/illumination.

Prior ProZ Motorised XYZ Stand

The Prior Scientific ProZ Stand is suitable for use with the Nikon AZ100, LV100 and SMZ1500 modular microscope components. It offers a wide range of configurations to meet your Z focus and XY stage microscopy needs. Mounting directly to the zoom body, the ProZ Stand with 300mm of focus travel provides a large (508mm square) stable platform for Z only imaging or combine with the BXPROXY stage system kit for the ultimate in XY and Z performance.

New Aperio ScanScope AT Turbo

Aperio offers industry leading whole slide eSlide capture devices, including the ScanScope AT Turbo: the newest, most compact, highest capacity eSlide capture device available. Designed with the next generation autoloader and a scalable capacity of up to 400 slides, the ScanScope AT Turbo delivers the superior image quality you have come to expect from Aperio.

For over a decade, Aperio has advanced the technology that enables glass slides to be converted into whole slide digital images, eSlides, which can be easily managed and securely shared with others. Aperio’s interoperable, scalable, and secure, web-based eSlide Manager software streamlines accessing, archiving, sorting, and searching of eSlides and study records. The Aperio e-network architecture supports remote, simultaneous, real-time viewing and rapid distribution of eSlides and study records for peer review and streamlined collaboration. Aperio’s precision Image Analysis Solution empowers pathologists with easy to use analytic tools that improve consistency, accuracy, and reproducibility of study data while reducing time to results.


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