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January, 2013

Colleagues, it is with great anticipation that CohSci welcomes you back to work for 2013. We trust you had an opportunity to relax and refresh and prepare for the year ahead. During 2013 we expect many new and exciting developments across our product portfolio and I look forward to keeping you updated during the course of the year.

We wish you all the very best for the year ahead and look forward to working with you in the coming weeks and months.

Christian Gow
Technical Sales

MA100L Durable Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Nikon are renowned for image quality and ingenuity in optical imaging. The MA100 Metallurgical Microscope, the smallest of the MA-series, boasts a compact foot print with very user friendly operation. Featuring simple single action polarisation observation, 5 objective nosepiece with premium CFI60-2 optical path and choice of robust long travel stages, the MA100 can accommodate a wide range of specimens and provide sharp imaging to identify grains, boundaries and defects.

The MA100L now receives a new high intensity white LED illumination source. The benefits of LED illumination include long-life times, >10x lower power consumption and colour stable white illumination irrespective of illumination intensity. Coupled with Nikon’s new CFI60-2 objectives, the new MA100L ensures high quality, bright imaging both through the binocular or with Digital Sight camera systems. Conventional 30W halogen illumination is maintained in the MA100 for those wanting the spectrum of a halogen lamp.

Compact, Convenient and Analytical; NeoScope II with Optional EDS

In its second generation the Nikon NeoScope II provides high resolution SEM imaging combined with analytical EDS to 0.133keV resolution in a user friendly, compact package.

Instrument navigation by the intuitive touch screen software is no more difficult than a modern digital camera, and with the capability of 10x to 60,000x magnification this powerful tool enables a wide range of imaging potential over a very broad range of materials by inexperienced or expert users alike.

Flexible control is the key to achieving ideal imaging conditions, which can be realised on the NeoScope II with 5, 10, 15kV acceleration voltages, control of probe and filament currents, backscattered or secondary electron detectors and the choice of high or low vacuum level.

Macro to Micro – The Gap Bridged with AZ100 Multizoom

Macro imaging of whole samples traditionally requires wide field stereo microscopy, where as high resolution high magnification imaging of fine structure is the realm of compound microscopes. The AZ100 MultiZoom microscope bridges the gap combining wide field macro imaging and high resolution imaging into one instrument. The unique design combines 8x zoom optics with a three position objective nosepiece to deliver magnifications of 5-500x.

The AZ100 can accommodate tall samples to 85.5mm height using the double-focus stand and stage control and comes standard with a tilting eyepiece tube for ergonomic viewing. Zoom click stops ensure accurate and repeatable magnifications for measurement sensitive applications.

The AZ100 can even be incorporated with the laser confocal scan head for confocal macro fluorescence imaging.

Nikon Premium CFI60 Objectives Reborn

Nikon’s premium CFI60 objectives have provided the sharpest, error free imaging with the brightest field of view available across all fields of modern optical microscopy for the past decade.

Advanced design, new materials and tighter tolerances have been employed in the redesigned CFI60-2 objectives to provide longer working distances at high numerical apertures, with optimum aberration correction for crisp clear viewing in metallurgy, materials engineering, QA/QC, fabrication inspection and many other applications.

To learn more about how Nikon can meet your optical microscopy need please contact us today.


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