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February 2015

New from Bruker : High Performance AFM for Live Cell and BioMechanics

The Bruker BioScope Resolve is the latest generation AFM designed for full integration with inverted optical microscopes.

  • New PeakForce Live Cell mode - provides the fastest, highest resolution imaging for Biomechanics with automated parameter adjustment to minimise the time to acquire images
  • Improved Fast Force Volume measurement speed and sensitivity now with additional measurement channels
  • Highest resolution BioAFM performance for high resolution imaging of molecular and sub-molecular structure
  • ScanAsyst imaging for live cells without imaging artefacts to clearly identify subcellular structure
  • Most complete optical integration with synchronised AFM/optical measurement on a single user interface for high level of automation
  • Unparallelled open access to sample space
  • 60µL MicroVolume perfusion cell saves cost when using expensive drugs and buffers
  • EasyAlign platform for quick probe loading

The Bruker BioScope Resolve provides the highest possible performance in an inverted microscope platform and with the fastest time from setup to measurement, will accelerate your research program.

Contact us for more information or to book a presentation in your facility.

Or register here to attend the free informative webinar on this new AFM platform on Thursday 19 February.

Above: DNA Double Helix Measurement on BioScope Resolve

New Research Tribology Instrument with Unprecedented Flexibility

With the release of the new TriboLab, Bruker has redefined ease-of-use and flexibility for the study of tribological processes.

  • Perform many common test modalities such as: Pin/Ball–on-Disk, Pin/Ball-on-plate, linear wear, 4-ball, block-on-ring, tensile, hardness, scratch and many more
  • FastExchange force sensors for microNewton up to 2kN force range with servo controlled z-axis
  • Toolless interchange of rotary, linear reciprocating, linear and horizontal rotary drives with TriboID
  • TriboID allowing rapid exchange of drive modules with automatic detection and software reconfiguration
  • Oven and furnace options, and humidity chambers
  • Advanced test options including capacitive displacement sensing, acoustic emission sensing, electrical contact resistance sensing

With the Bruker TriboLab, laboratory space is conserved and your research can evolve without the need for significant reinvestment. Ideal for research tribology groups and centralised facilities with the broadest range of materials and applications.

Contact us for more information about this flexible instrument or to book a meeting in your laboratory.

Bruker Probes Promotion - Buy 5, Get 1 Free

Now is your chance to stock up on the full range of Bruker's high performance and value line AFM probes at significant discounts with Bruker's Buy 5, Get 1 Free promotion.

Purchase 5 boxes of any Bruker's range of AFM probes and receive one additional box for free. Timing is limited and purchase orders must be received by Friday 13th March.

Take advantage of the combined saving today. Contact us today for a quotation.

Bruker Webinar Series

Maximising AFM Performance with the Right Selection of Probes
Date: Thursday 12 February 2015
Time: 6pm AEDT
Register here

This webinar will present the role of AFM probes for high performance and reliable AFM results, and some practical advice for the selection of the best performance probes for different platforms and application modes.

BioScope Resolve: The Most Advanced AFM for Life Science Research
Date: Thursday 19 February 2015
Time: 3am AEDT
Register Here

In this webinar Bruker introduce the significant advancements of the BioScope Resolve and how it enables researchers to routinely visualise nanoscale structures, such as microville, on the membrane surface of living cells; as well as obtain submolecular resolution of the DNA double helix and membrane proteins, such as bacteriorhodopsin.

Image right: 1kHz images of live MDCK cells revealing the presence of microvilli on the cell surface. AFM images courtesy of Dr. Hermann Schillers, University of Muenster. SEM image of MBCK cells shown at 2400x magnification.


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