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March, 2013

Nikon High Content Analysis System

Nikon's new High Content Analysis System pairs the Eclispe Ti inverted microscope with NIS-Elements HC Software to provide a dedicated interface for high content acquisition and analysis routines, built on an integrated database for seamless data management and processing. This system incorporates all of the functionality of the Ti Perfect Focus microscope with interchangeable options for high-speed piezo-based autofocusing, plate handling, solid state light source and fast wavelength switching.

High Speed EMCCD Camera from Photometrics

The Evolve 512 Delta EMCCD camera possesses the industry's fastest frame rates and highest sensitivity for a camera of its class, enabling researchers to obtain high quality super-resolution images in half the time it takes other 512 x 512 EMCCD cameras on the market. Equipped with a sensor running at 20MHz that captures images at 62.5 fps, the Evolve 512 Delta makes super-resolution imaging much more productive and efficient. If you own a Photometrics Evolve 512 camera already, you can upgrade to this new level of performance.

New Solid State Lasers; 588nm, 594nm, 561nm

Released at Photonics West last month by Coherent Inc are three new solid state laser wavelengths. Available in the SapphireTM range, 588nm and 594nm available with output powers 20mW, 50mW and 75mW, with the 588nm available with 100mW output power also. Based on Coherent’s unique optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology, these new Sapphire lasers offer superior performance, reliability, efficiency and value compared to older technologies.

The OBIS family now includes 561nm laser output, with output power of 20mW and 50mW. This is the 14th laser wavelength available in this range now spanning the spectrum from the UV to the NIR. Fibre coupling option is also available on selected models in both product lines.

Nikon Eclipse Ci-E Ex-Demo Model

We have an ex-demonstration Eclipse Ci-E motorised microscope for sale at a heavily reduced price. Full details of the system are available here.

The all-new Eclipse Ci features new ergonomics that make the microscope more comfortable than ever before, optical enhancements to speed up diagnosis time and digital imaging capabilities that go way beyond any microscope in their class. The Eclipse Ci-E is Nikon's first motorised microscope designed specifically for the clinical laboratory.

Coherent Scientific is Growing!

Coherent Scientific is expanding its sales and service applications coverage.

As the exclusive distributor for Nikon, now is the perfect time to be part of Australia's fastest growing microscopy company.

The ideal candidate will be based on the East Coast of Australia with a Ph.D in microscopy or a related field. As an integral member of the Coherent/Nikon team you will be responsible for high end instrumentation sales including laser scanning confocal microscopes, multiphoton microscopes and super resolution microscopes (SIM/STORM).

For more information please contact Andrew Masters or submit your resume by Friday 12 April 2013.


Purchased a WPI EVOM2 Meter from us recently? For optimum performance of the meter it should be checked periodically. View this video on WPI's website to test the electrode and meter.

New Catalogue from Semrock

The new 2013 116-page, full-colour, catalogue of optics filters and related products contains new Technical and Product Notes along with a large selection of new products recently introduced.


Tony Bradshaw
Microscopy - ACT/NSW, NZ
(0419) 819 259 Email
Ben Hegarty
Microscopy - NSW
(0410) 106 100 Email
Kieren McHugh
Microscopy - QLD
(0408) 744 166 Email
Paul Pearce
Microscopy - QLD
(0401) 278 860 Email
Andrew Marshall
Laser Microscopy - NT, SA, TAS
(0418) 833 855 Email
Rishi Raj
Microscopy - VIC
(0421) 545 661 Email
Ben Hibbs
Laser Microscopy - VIC
(0417) 117 881 Email
Brad Hope
Laser Microscopy - WA
(0402) 956 881 Email
Dr Robert Woolley
Microscopy Applications Specialist
(021) 288 8636 Email
Tim Watts
WPI Sales
(08) 8150 5289 Email
Julia King
National Sales Administration
(08) 8150 5255 Email
Andrew Masters
(0439) 819 095 Email

Coherent Scientific Pty. Ltd., Inc. in South Australia, Established in 1989, ABN 20 008 265 969

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