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Accelerating Spectral Pathology with Mid-IR QCL Imaging

Mid-infrared spectral imaging is a rapidly emerging technique in biomedical research and clinical diagnostics that utilises the unique molecular fingerprint of cells, tissues and biofluids to provide high quality biochemical images without the need for sample staining. Spero provides users with a compact, easy to use and easy to maintain system for the fastest acquisition of hyperspectral data cubes, discrete frequency spectral imaging and video rate live imaging.

SperoTM from Daylight Solutions provides breakthrough performance in spectral imaging. SperoTM allows the user to visualise chemical content across a sample with unrivalled spatial resolution, large fields of view and rapid acquisition of data when compared to existing instruments. Please view the webinar at the bottom of the Spero homepage to learn more.

Image Left: H&E stained image of a human meibomian gland of the eyelid
Image Right: Absorbance intensity image at 1656cm-1 collected using the high magnification objective. A full scan (900-1800cm-1) takes 5 minutes.

Contact Jeshua Graham for further information.


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