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July, 2010

New! Ultrafast Amplifier with 5W Output

Coherent has increased the power output from its Legend Elite series of ultrafast anplifiers with the release of the Legend Elite HE+. The new amplifier delivers 5W of power with pulsewidth of <35fs (other pulsewidths are available on request). The design genedits from many of the imporvements developed in Coherent's CEP (Carrier Evelope Phase Stabilisation) program, resulting in outstanding energy stability of <0.5%. The amplifier is pumped by an integrated Evolution DPSS laser and seeded by Coherent's broadband Micra or Mantis oscillators.

Verdi Lasers Now with 0.02% Noise

Coherent's Verdi series of diode-pumped solid state lasers is well established as a highly reliable and low-noise source of 532nm light for Ti:Sapphire pumping and related applications. The Verdi noise specification has recently been improved to an even lower value of 0.02% rms. This makes Verdi the lowest noise pump laser commercially available and the only laser suitable for demanding applications such as Carrier Envelope Phase Stabilisation. The new specification applies to all Verdi lasers, including the original "V-series" with single longitudinal mode output to 18W and the lower cost "G-series" with output to 10W.

Now Available...2011 Laser Measurement and Control Catalogue

Coherent has released the 2011 Laser Measurement and Control catalogue. Some new products include:

  • The meterless PowerMax and EnergyMax Sensor range - these sensors contain all the signal processing and power measurement electronics normally found in a LabMax meter, and provide the capability to connect directly to a PC with plug-and-play functionality.
  • J-Quantum EnergyMax sensor - for lower energy pulse measurement down to 8pJ
  • J-50MB-IR EnergyMax sensor - for very high energy and peak power capabilities in the infrared region
  • Contact us today for a hard copy or download an e-copy from our website

Wavefront Sensors from Imagine Optic

Imagine Optic is one of the world's leading suppliers of hardware and software for wavefront sensing and control. Their HASO products, based on patented Shack-Hartmann technology, are the only line of wavefront sensors that provide absolute achromatic measurement of both phase and intensity independently, simultaneously and in real-time. The HASO products offer accuracy from λ/100 up to λ/1000, lateral resolution to 114µm and speeds up to 950Hz. Sensors are available for a wide range of wavelengths, including EUV, UV, visible and NIR.

The sensors may be used for characterisation of optical systems, optical components, laser beams and synchrotron beams. Applications include microscopy and bioimaging, laser development, synchrotron science and astronomy.

New! Cryogenic Programmable Temperature Controller, SRS

The new CTC100 Cryogenic Temperature Controller is a high performance instrument that can monitor and control temperatures with millikelvin resolution. It has been configured to suit a wide range of research and industrial applications. The system consists of four sensor inputs, two powered and four analogue voltage outputs, and up to six feedback control loops. Four general purpose analogue and eight digital I/O's available, along with autotuning functions for setting PID parameters automatically. USB, Ethernet and RS232 interfaces are standard with an optional GPIB interface available.

New! Hall System Enables Low Mobility Measurements

Lake Shore has released the 8400 AC/DC Hall Effect Measurement System with AC field capability. The instrument is the result of joint development with the Toyo Corporation (Japan) and provides low mobility measurements without the need for high-field, cryogenically-cooled superconducting magnets. The new system enables testing of many low mobility materials used in solar and other green energy applications, organic electronics and semiconductor research.

Used Ion Lasers for Sale

The University of Western Australia is offering for sale a Coherent Innova 70C Spectrum. This is a mixed gas (krypton/argon) ion laser with 2.5W output over multiple lines. The laser has been fitted with a new plasma tube that has recorded only a few hundred hours of use and is offered with a suitable 3-phase transformer and heat exchanger. One or two Enterprise lasers are also offered. Please contact Paul for more information.

New! Economical Dual Pulse Laser for PIV

Quantel has released the new EverGreen family of dual-pulse lasers for applications in particle imaging velocimetry (PIV). EverGreen is a dual pulse 532nm laser system available in three energies: 70mJ, 145mJ or 200mJ. The two laser cavities are combined in a single, rugged monoblock to guarantee perfect alignment and uniform light sheets. The laser requires no user alignment - ever.

EverGreen is supplied in a compact, portable and ruggedised package and is extremely simple to use, requiring no specialised installation. Operation is further simplified with a convenient low-energy alignment mode that is accessed via the push of a button. A 2-year warranty and attractive new pricing make EverGreen outstanding value for money.


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