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New for 2016 - MultiMode8-HR

For over 30 years the MultiMode platform has been the reference standard for high resolution Atomic Force Microscope and Scanning Probe Microscope imaging. With the release of the MultiMode8-HR in January 2016 Bruker, the world's largest AFM manufacturer, continue to expand the performance and capabilities of this platform to inspire new research opportunities in the scientific community.

The MultiMode8-HR provides:

  • The highest resolution imaging - any time, every time, every mode
  • Industry leading ease-of-use through Bruker's proprietary ScanAsyst realtime automatic image optimisation
  • Faster time to results with improved high-speed AFM imaging and newly developed piezoscanners
  • Better imaging performance through PeakForce Tapping with unique and direct tip/sample imaging force control to 10pN
  • The highest resolution nanomechanical imaging capability with PeakForce QNM, directly measure surface properties such as modulus, adhesion and deformation
  • The widest nanomechanical imaging capability range from 1kPa to >100GPa
  • The highest resolution and sensitivity nanoElectrical property imaging with PeakForce-TUNA and PeakForce-KPFM, simultaneous with Nanomechanical properties
  • Many more advanced configurations and imaging options for flexibility

See the power of PeakForce Tapping direct imaging force control in this recent application note studying the DNA double helix.

Travelling to ICONN (Canberra 7-11th Feb)? You are invited to a live demonstration of the MultiMode at Booth #22. Contact us to arrange a personal viewing.

Nanomechanical Property Measurement at the Atomic Scale with PeakForce QNM

Mapping of mechanical behaviour at the nanoscale allows deep insight in understanding the property of materials in bulk phases. Further, high resolution nanomechanical property mapping is becoming increasingly important in the design of new materials, to tailor their response and improve functionality in real world applications.

PeakForce Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping, or PeakForce-QNM, is built upon Bruker's proprietary PeakForce Tapping imaging modality, and is the only nanomechanical property imaging mode to derive nanomechanical properties such as modulus, adhesion and sample deformation directly at each and every tip/sample interaction during imaging. Unlike mechanical contrast techniques based on TappingMode or other resonant imaging techniques, PeakForce QNM calculates mechanical property at each and every tip/sample interaction, thousands of times a second. Further PeakForce QNM provides much more sensitive force control without overshoot of triggered modes.

The precise force control, and lack of force oveshoot enables PeakForce QNM to extract nanomechanical properties at unprecedented resolution down to submolecular resolution and atomic resolution.

Molecular resolution defect on a polydiacetylene crystal. Molecular resolution resolved in height (left), stiffness (centre) and adhesion (right) with PeakForce QNM. 10nm image size.

Simple setup and operation in air, inert gas and liquid environments, and with measurement range from 1kPa to 100's GPa allow PeakForce QNM to be applied to virtually any sample from soft extracellular matrix and gels to hard crystalline materials. PeakForce QNM is complimentary to other nanoscale property measurement capabilities such as Force Spectroscopy, Force Volume, FastForce Volume, nanoindentation, Ramp-and-Hold creep measurements available on Bruker AFM platforms.

Contact us to get more information about how PeakForce QNM can help your research, or join us at booth #22 at ICONN in Canberra for a live demonstration.

High Resolution Rapid 3D Surface Metrology with Bruker Contour Elite

The 11th generation Contour Elite product range is the culmination of 40 years of development in high performance 3D non-contact surface metrology and is the ideal platform to meet the ever increasing demand for precision rapid surface profiling.


  • New fidelity high resolution colour and B/W imaging options for crisp, true to life 3D rendering
  • Enhanced 3D overlay visualisation and data processing
  • Fastest time to data of any instrument with automated setup and operation, automated analysis workflow and high volume databasing
  • Broadest range of sample surface measurement from Angstroms to millimetres and 0.05% to 100% surface reflectivity
  • Transparent film measurement from nanometres to hundreds of microns
  • Advanced data analysis such as MultiRegion Analysis and Colour Segmentation included as standard with every system
  • High measurement repeatability specification

The Contour Elite-K Benchtop platform will be on display at the ICONN conference in Canberra. Join us at Booth #22 for a live demonstration or contact us to book a personal session.

World's First Laser-Based Infrared Microscopy Platform

SperoTM from Daylight Solutions provides breakthrough performance in spectral imaging. SperoTM allows the user to visualise chemical content across a sample with unrivalled spatial resolution, large fields of view and rapid acquisition of data when compared with existing instruments.

SperoTM is designed specifically for mid-IR applications, with spectral coverage spanning the entire "fingerprint" region. By incorporating multiple quantum cascade lasers to provide a high-brightness source, users can easily acquire hyperspectral data cubes in minutes and discrete wavelength mid-IR chemical imging can now be done in real time thanks to SperoTM being capable of operating at 30fps video rates.

Unparalleled Visibility - Ultra-bright, tunable laser source offers high-resolution with a wide field of view and a novel chemical imaging technique that has not been previously available.

Instantaneous Results in Live Mode - Produces hyperspectral data cubes in minutes and also supports live discrete frequency imaging, eliminating standard workflow steps to acquire data.

Small Resource Footprint - Not only is the microscope small enough to sit on a desktop, it is also easy to use and features an uncooled focal plane arrray.

Applications for SperoTM include materials science, pathology, microfluidics, life sciences and semiconductor analysis. Download the datasheet.

Invitation to Join Us at ICONN for Live Demonstrations

You are invited to join us at Booth #22 for live product demonstrations of the MultiMode8-HR Atomic Force Microscope and Contour Elite-K non-contact 3D surface profiler. Short 15min demonstrations will be provided in the morning and afternoon tea sessions on the following schedule:

Monday 8 February
3:10-3:25pm Introduction to direct tip/sample force control with PeakForce Tapping AFM

Tuesday 9 February
10:40-10:55am Introduction to Rapid, High-Resolution 3D non-contact surface metrology with Contour Elite

3:10-3:25pm PeakForce QNM High Resolution Nanomechanical Property Mapping

Wednesday 10 February
10:40-10:55am PeakForce Tapping - Simple AFM Imaging in Liquid Environments

3:10-3:25pm Quantitative High-Volume Statistical Analysis with Vision64 on the Contour Elite

Can't attend a session? Contact us to book a personal demonstration.


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