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We would like to welcome you to the first of our new format product newsletters. This periodic newsletter will feature new technology developments, product updates and feature articles.

Coherent Scientific specialise in instruments for metrology, imaging and inspection, and tribology and nano- micro- scale mechanical testing with solutions covering precision Research and Development through to shop floor and fabrication line QC/QA and FA instrumentation.

Founded in 1989 Coherent Scientific continue to be a local supplier of choice to the precision research and OEM community.

We trust you will find this periodic mailer useful and informative for your business.

Precision Surface Characterisation Yields Quantitative Analysis of Cutting Tool Coatings and Wear

The ability to quantitatively analyse surface coating structure and wear is an important qualification within the precision tooling industry to assess cutting tool life under different cutting conditions. This however can be a challenging prospect for CMM's due to the lack of 3D measurement resolution, and for stylus based tools due to the complex shape and often smaller feature size of the tools.

In a recent development by Bruker Surface Analysis group the NP-FLEX, a 3D optical microscope with high vertical precision, was applied to the study of drill bit coatings under controlled conditions to assess the subtle surface changes of different coatings. Read more.

Precision CMM Speeds up Measurement Assessment by 60x

By utilising the automated measurement capabilities and combination of video and tactile probe measurement employed on the Nikon Nexiv VMA4540, European company Microtec EDM were able to improve measurement productivity during inspection of complex aerospace components by a factor of 60x compared with their previously manual measurement process. Read more.

Precision Tribology Provides Quantitative Assessment of Wear in New Generation Coatings

Bruker Corporation have unveiled the next generation of their Universal Mechanical Testers, the UMT-TriboLab, a fully reconfigurable tribology platform providing capabilities including hardness and scratch testing, linear and rotary reciprocating wear and tensile testing under a broad range of environmental conditions.

By combining a probe in accordance to ASTM G171-03, and an acoustic emission sensor, the Bruker UMT platform was used with its automated capabiities to measure multiple parameters in different materials including scratch hardness, scratch adhesion, friction coefficient and reciprocated wear across bulk glass, LCD film, DLC film and carbon nanocomposite films. Read more.

Hot Hardness Testing Provides Insight into Material Failure in Extreme Environments

Understanding the complex material behaviour and strength changes as a function of increasing material temperatures is a critically important across a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, processing and material fabrication.

Traditional strength tests such as tensile testing becomes challenging to implement under extreme temperatures. Hot hardness testing can be implemented in a much simpler test configuration. Read more.


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