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New Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E Advanced Inverted Microscope
Now Available for Demonstration

With the launch of Nikon's brand new inverted research Ti2 series, we thought we would dive a little deeper into the flagship Ti2-E model.

A number of key innovations in stability, speed and modularity have pushed the Ti2-E to the very forefront of research microscopy. Perfect Focus is now decoupled from the objective turret, reducing thermal and mechanical load and increasing stability.

The Ti2 imaging port FOV is a huge 25mm, perfectly suited to high speed/high throughput applications with modern large-chip sCMOS & EMCCD cameras.

Motorised functions of the Ti2-E can now be natively triggered allowing for highly optimised, high speed imaging routines across a huge range of modalities.

In short, the Ti2-E is faster, more stable and more flexible than any other inverted research microscope to date.

Nikon has created an incredibly versatile, high performance platform that we are pleased to be demonstrating in labs around Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to join one of our lab demonstrations and experience the Ti2-E up close, please register your interest.

Combining Super Resolution and Confocal Imaging

Nikon's N-SIM E is a streamlined super resolution system providing twice the resolution from a traditional conventional optical microscope. Combining the SIM E system with the Nikon C2+ laser scanning confocal microscope allows easy switching between the imaging modalities. For example, a desired SIM imaging location can be identified and specified within the confocal image, and acquired in super resolution. To further support ease-of-use on the SIM platform, Nikon has recently released new dry objectives for SIM imaging that are also compatible with confocal imaging. These low-magnification and wide field-of-view lenses enable high resolution observation at the periphery of the sample tissue under observation.

Nikon's auto correction-collar on the new Ti2-E inverted research microscope further enhances the ease-of-use aspect of this flexible and functional imaging platform.

The Ultimate Detector for Single Molecule Imaging

Andor Technology has released the new ultra-sensitive iXon Life Electron Multiplying (EMCCD) camera platform, exclusively for fluorescence microscopy. Featuring single photon sensitive, back-illuminated EMCCD technology and market leading frame rates, iXon Life provides all the benefits of EMCCD technology at a price normally associated with back-illuminated sCMOS technology. Download the brochure to learn more.

Routine Inverted Microscopes for Demonstration

Nikon's new Ts2 and Ts2R microscopes provide a new standard for both routine and basic inverted research microscopes with their streamlined, space-saving design and enhanced functionality. Both models incorporate compact, ergonomic designs, LED illumination as well as a new contrasting technique to meet demands for a cost-effective observation method that is compatible with a wide variety of samples and substrates.

Download the Ts2 or Ts2R brochure or contact us to arrange a demonstration in your lab.

WPI FluoroDish Cell Culture Dish

WPI FluoroDish tissue culture dishes provide exceptional imaging quality for many applications requiring the use of inverted microscopes such as high resolution image analysis, microinjection and electrophysical recording of fluorescent-tagged cells. Fluorodishes use a specially formulated adhesive that is optically clear, durable and has extremely low toxicity providing exceptional cell lifetime.

Take advantage of the large range of dishes we carry in stock in Adelaide for rapid delivery.
Contact Tim Watts today for a quotation or to place an order or download the datasheet.


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