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November, 2013

Nikon Sale Now On !

The Nikon Christmas Sale is now on. Savings are available across Nikon's full range of microscopes, including upright, inverted and stereomicroscopes. The sale also extends to Nikon's range of digital cameras and controllers.

The NEW SMZ25, featuring the world's largest zoom range, is also on sale. Images are brighter and sharper at all magnifications thanks to the Nikon Perfect Zoom System and newly designed apochromatically correct objective lenses. The motorised SMZ25 provides additional convenience with Auto Zoom Link maintaining the field of view when switching between low and high magnification objectives to provide seamless visualisation from wide field to microscopic detail. Sale ends Friday 20 December 2013.

TMC Vibration Control on Sale !

You now have the opportunity to get the very best pneumatic vibration control products, such as optical tables, laboratory tables and table top platforms at highly reduced prices.

Discounted pricing applies to: 14-series pneumatic isolators, 13-series rigid supports, 700 series optical table tops, 70 series breadboards, 63-500 laboratory tables, 66-series and 64-series tabletop isolators.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to get the best pricing on this great range of high performance vibration control products. Sale ends Friday 20 December 2013.

Precision Film Thickness Measurement - Dektak XT

Monitoring layer thickness in thin film deposition is an important parameter in many industries including semiconductors, microelectronics, solar materials, optics, manufacturing and sensors. The deposition thickness of any given layer dictates overall coating performance and effects such as residual film stress, incorrect coating can lead to premature failure or poor performance.

The Bruker Dektak-XT is the newest generation stylus based step height profilometer with the industry's best step height repeatability (5 Angstroms) and best low noise sensor technology covering films from 1nm to 1mm. With Vision64 software, automated scan stitching, automated measurement routines, and the easiest stylus change over in the industry, the Bruker Dektak-XT will minimise test time and maximise throughput.

Image Right: 3D map of solar trace using automatic line stitching

2013-2014 Semrock Catalogue Released

This comprehensive catalogue contains the latest products introduced over the last six months including over 40 new or improved thin-film filters for fluorescence microscopy and measurements, Raman spectroscopy, and other laser analytical instrumentation applications.

Among the standouts is the expansion of the industry-leading high performance RazorEdge® “E” grade product line. These ultra-steep long-pass edge filters are designed to provide deep blocking at the laser wavelength, then quickly transition to high transmission in less than 0.5% of the laser wavelength (e.g. <2.7 nm for a 532 nm laser). Nine new wavelengths have been added to this series. All Semrock filters are covered by a five-year warranty.


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