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 September 2011

Eclipse Ci: Introducing Nikon's latest evolution in clinical microscopy

The all-new Eclipse Ci series features new ergonomics that make the microscope more comfortable than ever before, optical enhancements to speed up diagnosis time and digital imaging capabilities that go way beyond any microscopes in their class. Three models have been released. The Ci-E is a simple motorised version. The Ci-L incorporates an LED lighting system whilst the Ci-S utilises the traditional 30W halogen lamp illumination.

Eclipse Ni: Introducing Nikon's next generation upright microscope for research

Nikon's new Eclipse Ni series microscopes were developed to address the need for a microscope that is highly versatile, combining system expandability and superior optical performance in an easy-to-use system. The Ni-U can be configured in a multitude of ways depending on the requirements of the user. Its adaptability makes it suitable for many applications, from clinical examination to research, and features motorised accessories that include nosepiece, fluorescence attachment and shutter.

Nikon Multiphoton System, New Features

Nikon has released a new version of the Nikon A1MP systems renamed the A1MP Plus and A1RMP Plus. There are improvements in the galvo scanner speed from 4fps to 10fps, whilst the A1R is still capable of 420fps (512 x 32) and can be used simultaneously with the galvo scanner for applications like FRAP and photo activation. High sensitivity GaAsP detectors for the Epi NDD's are now also available and are ideal for deep imaging. The new Ni-E upright microscope can be configured with the Epi and Dia NDD's. A 450 micron objective piezo is also now available for the fixed stage microscopes.

Nikon's N-SIM Super Resolution System Wins Award

The Nikon N-SIM Super Resolution System has been judged one of the ten best microscopy innovations in the 2011 Microscopy Today Innovation Award competition. We will be holding a demonstration of the N-SIM system at Monash University in October. Participants will be able to bring along their own samples and try this exciting new technology. Please contact Andrew for further information or to register.

WPI's M3301 Manual Micromanipulator

The M3301 is a popular, high-quality manual micromanipulator. Weighing just 500g, the X-axis provides 10µm resolution. Control knobs for all three axes are aligned in a single plane, protruding from the back of the instrument for exceptional control in tight spaces. The KITE is the economy version of the M3301. The HS6 is a high precision micromanipualtor built on a 12lb steel plate. With 5µm resolution and 25mm of travel on all three axes, it has 20 times greater resolution than the M3301.

New Coherent Scientific Website

We have a new website. Following a complete overhaul, we hope you will find our new website simple, easy to navigate and that you can easily find what you are looking for.

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