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October 2014

New Generation Innova IRIS TERS System

Bruker is pleased to announce the introduction of the new generation Innova IRIS TERS system as the first guaranteed Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) system that combines Bruker-exclusive, high-contrast tuning-fork-based TERS probes with high-performance AFM and nano-Raman spectroscopy capabilities. This new system provides consistently high TERS signal enhancement and the highest spectral sensitivity for interrogating the most challenging samples. With Innova IRIS, non-destructive, label-free chemical detection at the nanoscale is now finally a reality for a wide range of research.

Read more online or download the brochure.

Image right: Optimised TERS configuration on Innova IRIS

Hall Measurement in a Cryogenic Probe Station

Renound for Hall measurement platforms and cryogenic probe stations, Lake Shore have now released the new Lake Shore Model 8425.

Combining the performance Hall Measurement capability of the 8400 with the precision temperature control, measurement flexibility and cryogen-free operation of the CRX-VF, the 8425 allows mobility measurement to be performed on wafers up to 51mm diameter without the need to dice or solder.

Vacuum operation ensures oxygen sensitive electronics are protected during measurement making the 8425 ideal for measurement of todays advanced organic electronics.

The Model 8425 offers:

  • DC fields to 2T and resistances from 0.5mΩ to 100GΩ
  • Variable temperature from 10K to 400K using its CCR—no cryogen required
  • Full 8400 Series software capabilities for system operation, data acquisition, and analysis
  • Exporting of measurement data for multi-carrier analysis (with the QMSA software option)

Read more online or download the datasheet.

Hysitron Develop Scratch Capability for TEM and 800°C Heating for SEM Nanoindenters

Hysitron, world leader in instrumented Nanomechanical measurement continue strong development of the in-situ TEM and SEM products. Following on from the recent PI-85xR high force SEM indenter and PI-DMA dynamic property measurement mode, Hysitron have now released lateral force scratch capability for PI-95 TEM nanoindenters and an 800°C heating stage for the PI-85 series SEM nanoindenters.

The PI-Series help materials scientists correlate deformation processes directly with the mechanical signature by using the TEM and SEM to observe processes taking place in real time and synchronising the video data with the mechanical test. Unlocking nanoscale material evolution due to mechanical processes, in nanoscale objects is possible. Seeing is believing.

Read more online or download the datasheet.

Nanoscale Chemical Mapping with Inspire - Two Upcoming Webinars

Date: Thursday 23 October 2014, 2am AEDT Register   
Date: Friday 24 October 2014, 2pm AEDT Register

In this webinar Bruker introduce the new Bruker Inspire system, which leverages PeakForce Tapping and integrated scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy (sSNOM) optics to combine the best of AFM with nanoscale IR chemical mapping.

Inspire is the first integrated sSNOM system with Bruker's proprietary ScanAsyst. For the first time, chemical and quantitative nanochemical maps are acquired concurrently, at highest spatial resolution. With IR optical at 10nm lateral resolution and monolayer sensitivity, revealing chemistry, material type, and plasmonics, Inspire opens the door to a whole range of new nanoscale science.


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