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Welcome Ben Hibbs !

Ben recently joined Coherent Scientific and will provide laser microscopy sales and applications support across Victoria and Queensland. Prior to joining our team, Ben managed a multi-user imaging facility at the University of Melbourne in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Ben is very experienced in a wide range of fluorescence techniques, such as super-resolution microscopy (SIM and STORM), confocal, FLIM, deconvolution microscopy and even imaging flow cytometry.

Ben is especially interested in customising instrumentation to truly meet your requirements. To discuss how the latest advances in microscopy instrumentation may benefit your research, please email Ben or contact him on 0417 117 881.

Super Resolution Structured Illumination Microscopy at a Lower Cost : Nikon N-SIM E

Super-resolution optical microscopy is an exciting and dynamic field of research, which is rapidly developing as the field evolves. Coherent Scientific are pleased to introduce Nikon's latest super-resolution Structured Illumination Microscope (SIM), the N-SIM E system.

Sharing many components with the flagship N-SIM system, the N-SIM E provides for a lower cost of entry into super-resolution imaging, with the same ease of use and resolution improvement as the N-SIM system. The N-SIM E system is best suited to imaging fixed samples, while time-lapse imaging of aqueous samples using the high-performance Nikon 60x water-immersion objective is also possible.

The N-SIM E system is able to be combined with the C2+ confocal system to provide a truly versatile system, at an unparalleled price. Download the brochure.

To discuss just how easy it is for the Nikon N-SIM E to benefit your research, please contact Ben Hibbs.

Image right : Stack 3D-SIM (Volume View) Mouse keratinocyte labeled with an antibody against keratin intermediate filaments and stained with an Alexa Fluor 488 confugated second antibody. Image Courtesy of Dr Reinhard Windoffer, RWTH Aachen University

New Retiga R Cameras from QImaging

The Retiga R series of cameras from QImaging are the first to include OcularTM, an image acquisition software that delivers high-peformance tools for microscopy. Ocular software provides users with a familiar experience with ribbon-based design for easy navigation between live view, image acquisition, movie capture and image analysis tasks.

Retiga R1 - USB3.0 functionality and Ocular imaging software make this a highly capable camera for routine work. Datasheet.

Retiga R3 - The perfect balance of speed, pixels and performance with new on-board intelligent features. Datasheet.

Retiga R6 - Fit more in each image to accelerate discovery within time-lapse, slide scanning or tile-and-stitch experiments. Datasheet.

Webinar: Introduction to AFM for Biology - Touching Molecules, Receptors and Cells One at a Time

Date : Friday 18 September 2015

Time : 1am AEST


Speaker : Dr Andrea Slade
                Applications Scientist
                Bruker Nanosurfaces

In this webinar Bruker will provide an introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) as a tool for molecular and cell biology. They will present recent results from the BioAFM literature and explain how the latest advances in AFM technology have enabled new research elucidating molecular structure, mapping cell surface receptors and investigating cell mechanobiology as a function of disease state.


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Laser Microscopy - NT, SA, TAS
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Ben Hibbs
Laser Microscopy - VIC
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Microscopy Applications Specialist
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National Sales Administration
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