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Correlative Raman and IR Imaging at 10nm Resolution

You are invited to join us for this informative technical presentation by Dr Thomas Mueller, Director of AFM Applications, Bruker Nanosurfaces

Where: University of New South Wales (Kensington)
             Daton Building F12
             Room G05

When:  3pm Tuesday 31st March 2015

New technology from Bruker allows the correlation of nanoscale structure, mechanical, electrical and chemical information of a sample simultaneously, with high resolution, and more simplicity than ever before.

This presentation will provide information about how the implementation of near field techniques such as IR scattering-SNOM and TipEnhanced Raman Spectroscopy combine with Bruker's high performance AFM modalities including PeakForce QNM and ScanAsyst, deliver a deeper understanding of the behaviour of materials such as polymers, biomaterials, green energy, organic and solar electronics, battery materials and 2D materials.

Presented by Dr Thomas Mueller (Bruker, Santa Barbara, USA) this presentation will provide insight into the new capabilities available from Bruker for modern correlative atomic force microscopy.

About your presenter:
Dr Thomas Mueller is the Director of Applications Development in Bruker's AFM business unit and has been with the company for 11 years. Thomas has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Yale University where he developed new nonlinear spectroscopic methods for interrogating molecular structure and dynamics. As a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University he then expanded his research into AFM studies of self-assembly and reaction specificity. Since joining (Veeco) in 2004 he has held positions in applications and provide management with a focus on extending AFM to provide new quantitative and chemical information.


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