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Andor Launches Ultrafast Spectroscopy-enabled sCMOS Detectors

Andor Technology has released an ultrafast Spectroscopy Mode on its high speed and low noise Zyla and iStar scientific cameras. Spectroscopists now have access to a unique combination of superb spectral rates, high sensitivity and high dynamic range.

The Zyla spectroscopy mode provides market leading spectral rates up to 27,000 spectra/s, ideally suited for low-light, transient spectroscopy applications with 10's of microsecond time-resolution. The Zyla's superb linearity (better than 99.8%) and zero optical etaloning in the near-IR provide outstanding quantitative measurement accuracy. Its multi-track mode with rates up to 6,000 acquisitions/second delivers a powerful tool for hyperspectral imaging and dual-track, transient absorption spectroscopy at kilohertz rates.

The iStar combines the low noise, high dynamic range and ultrafast spectral rates (up to 4,000 sps) of the sCMOS technology with nanosecond time-resolution. This combination is a highly attractive choice for plasma spectroscopy, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) or pulsed fluorescence/photoluminescence spectroscopy. For information is available on Andor's website.

Next Generation COMPex Excimer Laser

Coherent has launched the next generation of its well-proven COMPex excimer laser.

The new COMPex shares a common form factor with the older COMPexPro platform but provides superior optical performance at 193nm, 248nm, 308nm and 351nm. Benefits of the new laser include:

  • Improved energy stability
  • Ethernet access for logging system parameters
  • Improved gas and optics lifetime
  • "Ultimate pulse control" and "Instant energy switching" : the ability to control energy at the single pulse level
  • 3 year warranty

The COMPex laser is ideally suited for applications such as UV micromachining, pulsed laser deposition and laser liftoff processes in semiconductor manufacture. Download the datasheet.

Quantel Q-scan - Tunable Dye Laser

Featured at the recent Photonics West 2017 Exhibition, the Q-scan from Quantel represents the latest innovations in dye laser technology.

The Q-scan is a high resolution nanosecond dye laser with wavelength output from 200nm to 4.5┬Ám. High precision mechanics ensure unrivalled wavelength accuracy and linearity (<2pm), making this laser ideal for applications in combustion studies and high resolution laser spectroscopy.

Quantel lasers are known for their ease-of-use and the Q-scan is no exception; "plug-and-play" dye cells make changing wavelength ranges a simple task, in addition to integrated look-up tables for non-linear crystals that enable fast and wide wavelength scans. Furthermore, when coupled with the a Q-smart laser, the Q-scan is the most compact and simple dye laser system to ever hit the market.

  • Extreme wavelength accuracy and repeatability
  • High efficiency pumping with excellent beam quality
  • Designed with ease-of-use in mind
  • Integrated walk-off compensation
  • Fully integrated system with Quantel pump lasers

Please contact Jeshua Graham for more information.

Bruker Acquires Hysitron

In January this year Bruker, world leader in Atomic Force Microscopes and Tribology platforms, has purchased Hysitron Inc. The acquisition brings together the most complete high resolution nanoscale mechanical testing techniques on any AFM platform, with the worlds's most trusted and innovative nano indentation and nanoscale mechanical instruments, with the most flexible tribology platforms in the world. Bruker's suite of mechanical testing capabilities span the macro and atomic scale, with unmatched reliability, repeatability and resolution, now under one banner. For more information on how the expanded Bruker mechanical testing portfolio can be utilised in your research, or to learn more about any of the Bruker nano product range please contact us today.

Semrock 2017 Catalogue

The new 2017 components catalogue from Semrock is now available. Click to download it.

Semrock filters are renowned for their exceptional reliability. The simple all-glass structure combined with ion-beam-sputtered hard coatings are virtually impervious to humidity and temperature induced degradation. Semrock filters do not "burn out" and can be readily cleaned and handled.

All standard filters are in stock at Semrock NY, available for fast delivery.


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