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July, 2012

Profile Projectors

Profile projectors project a magnified silhouette of a part under inspection onto a screen for QA/QC type examination and are an ideal instrument for the inspection of manufactured parts. Each profile projector comes with multiple projection lenses, thereby allowing different magnifications, working distance and field of view to accommodate inspection of multiple parts varying in size and features.

Nikon’s range of profile projectors range in screen sizes from 305mm to 600mm and provide superior magnification accuracy ideal for measuring and inspecting profiles, surface conditions and other aspects of large work pieces.

Nikon’s profile projectors feature:

  • Large motorised stages provide wide cross-travel, accommodate work pieces to 250mm high with weights up to 30kg
  • Halogen light source provides optimum lighting making measurement and observation simple and easy
  • Projection lenses from 5X to 500X for both high and low magnification inspection of parts
  • Measurements digitised for reporting via dedicated digital processor to USB or E-MAX PC software
  • High magnification accuracy, with both contour and surface illumination
  • Built-in digital counter and protractor

Applications include QA/QC inspection of metal and plastic manufactured parts for:

  • Surface conditions such as scratches / digs
  • Geometric tolerance
  • Crack and failure analysis

Benchtop CNC Video Measuring System

Nikon’s iNEXIV VMA-2520 is a lightweight and compact multi-sensor benchtop measuring system. The CNC video system provides fast, fully automated, high accuracy 3D-measurements of surface features and is ideally suited to a wide variety of industrial measuring, inspection and quality control applications.

Nikon’s iNEXIV is a multi-modal measuring system that includes both non-contact optical and touch probe measurement capability with integrated imaging processing software, a 10x optical zoom system and laser auto focus. The standard 10x zoom optics ensure superb resolution at high magnifications while offering a wide field of view at low magnifications.

Applications for the Nikon iNEXIV system include 3D measurement of metal and injection moulded mechanical parts, dies and molds, electronic and medical devices.

SOLVER Nano: New Generation Educational AFM

NT-MDT, leading manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes and accessories, has released the second generation of their educational AFM platform. The new SOLVER Nano is a compact platform providing a cost effective way of introducing AFM into your teaching program while retaining capability suitable for basic research.

Available with measurement heads suitable for regular AFM probes or etched wire probes, the SOLVER Nano is capable of basic and advanced AFM modes including electrical modes, force spectroscopy, force and voltage lithography and STM. Featuring a compact foot print, simple cantilever alignment, automatic sample approach and a 100x100x10µm scanning piezo stage the Solver Nano meets the challenge of a cost effective, simple to use yet fully featured teaching apparatus.

Electrical Conductivity Mapping: NEW ECR Capability

Hysitron, global leader in nanomechanical measurement instrumentation, has increased the capability of the Electrical Contact Resistance (nanoECR) technique.

nanoECR, a unique test option from Hysitron, allows the electrical properties of a material to be probed simultaneously with the deformation process due to nanoindentation or compression of the material, providing unprecedented correlation of data. The nanoECR technique, available on TI-750 Ubi, TI-950 TriboIndenter and PI-series SEM and TEM PicoIndenters, has now taken a leap forward.

nanoECR mapping is now available on the Ubi and TriboIndenter platforms. Utilising Hysitron’s TriboScanner in situ SPM imaging capability combined with the nanoECR measurement technique it is now possible to map electrical contrast of a samples surface for accurate test placement, measurement of electrical distribution pre and post test.


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