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Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopes

Andor's Revolution WD and XD are highly flexible spinning-disk confocal microscopes for high speed live-cell imaging. At the heart of these systems is the Borealis Perfect Illumination DeliveryTM technology which ensures highly uniform illumination across the entire field of view.

The Revolution WD delivers an outstanding field of view combined with unrivaled depth of focus, ideal for large or thick specimens. It produces high contrast imaging from low to high magnification, supporting the broadest range of samples and applications than ever before. This is the perfect choice for neuroscience, developmental biology, embryology, stem cell research, in-vivo imaging and core facilities.

In the Revolution XD Andor have integrated the Yokogama CSU-X scanner into a system that offers the highest speeds and sensitivity for high magnification cellular studies. The XD range is ideal for fast imaging applications such as vesicle tracking, calcium imaging and cell motility.

Revolution systems may be configured with up to six laser lines and with Andor's outstanding range of EMCCD and sCMOS cameras discussed below. Download the brochure to learn more.

Image right: Maximum intensity projections of 3D image set. Widefield image left, confocal image right.

iXon EMCCD Cameras : For Ultimate Sensitivity

The pioneers of single-photon scientific EMCCD camera technology, Andor have consistently led this field with a solid record of product innovation. Andor's renowned iXon design ensures the absolute highest sensitivity from a quantitative scientific digital camera, particularly under fast frame rate conditions. The new iXon Ultra 888 megapixel camera provides frame rates up to 3x faster, with the data stream transmitted through a convenient USB3.0 interface. The iXon series is designed to be the most flexible yet easy to use EMCCD camera on the market. The camera may be optimised for a wide variety of application requirements in a single click via the new OptAcquireTM feature. Download the brochure to learn more.

We currently have an iXon ultra 888 camera available for trial in your lab. Please contact us to arrange a demo!

Scientific CMOS Cameras - Imaging without Compromise

Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) is a breakthrough technology with an advanced set of features ideal for high fidelity, quantitative scientific measurement. The multi-megapixel sensors offer large field of view and high resolution, without compromising read noise, dynamic range or frame rate. Andor's Zyla and Neo cameras offer 4.2 and 5.5 megapixel formats with the following impressive specifications:

Peak QE : 82% (Zyla)
Read noise : 1e (Neo)
Frame rate : 100fps at full resolution

These capabilities make sCMOS a compelling alternative to CCD cameras in many applications, especially as prices start below A$20,000. Download the brochure to learn more.

We currently have a Zyla 4.2P camera available for trial in your lab. Please contact us to arrange a demo !


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