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 April, 2013

Lake Shore Introduce THz Materials Characterisation System

Lake Shore has announced a novel Terahertz materials characterisation platform

THz frequencies align with many materials properties such as plasmon resonances, magnetic resonances, superconducting band gaps, Zeeman splitting, phonon interaction, carrier lifetimes and cyclotron modes.

A continuous wave variable frequency THz source, coupled to Lake Shore's variable temperature cryostat and 9T superconducting magnet platform enables non-contact interrogations of thin film superconductors, high mobility semiconductors, organic electronics and magnetic materials.

High Temperature Nanomechanical Testing for Metals, Oxides and Power Materials

Hysitron are the world leader in high sensitivity nanomechanical measurement. Released at TMS in March, the new xSol high temperature isothermal heating stage promises to expand the research capability of materials scientists and engineers focused on the temperature dependent mechanical behaviour of materials. Ideally suited to the study of processes in metals, oxides and high temperature power materials, the xSol stage offers a temperature range from room temperature to 600°C and provides isothermal heating of the sample and tip.

Coupled with the high sensitivity and low noise floor of the 3-plate capacitive transducer, in situ surface scanning capability, and combined with nanoDMAIII, measuring temperature dependant material properties at high spatial and force resolution has never been more achievable.

Active Vibration Cancellation for Large Instrument Platforms

TMC, the world leader in vibration control, have meet the increasing demand for precision vibration control for over 15 years. The rigid hard-mount Stacis 2100 is the only technology available who's performance is independent of the nature of the load. Due to the series control scheme, virtually no tuning is required which allows minimal setup overhead and reduces ongoing support requirements.

The Stacis product range now includes products for raised-floor isolation, direct equipment mounting, low-profile platforms for ultra-high resolution electron microscopy and ion beam lithography and isolation frames for laser tables.

Stacis products can be applied to maximise instrument performance in semiconductor fabrication equipment, ultrahigh resolution electron microscopy, vacuum STM, NMR and precision diamond tooling and fabrication systems.

High Resolution Hand Held Optical Inspection

Inspection of surface finish, analysis of failure and identification of microstructure has traditionally been the realm of stereo and compound microscopes in a laboratory environment. However, many sites require a fast and convenient tool for inspection of inline processes, or large or immovable objects. In the past limited information was available through the use of SLR cameras, or devices with low optical quality or complex useability.

As a high resolution, handheld optical microscope capable of both a high magnification range without the need to change lenses, and high optical resolution with uniform and ideal illumination, the Nikon ShuttlePix meets these needs.

As simple as a point and shoot digital camera to operate, the Shuttlepix is equally suited to an operator on the factory floor for in-line inspection, with a field engineer for remote inspection or with technicians for laboratory based inspection.


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