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September, 2012

Hysitron Expands SEM Nanoindentation for Dual Beam Platforms

The PI-87 PicoIndenter is a premium tool from Hysitron (USA) providing quantitative nanomechanical testing inside the SEM environment. Providing 5 axis of movement on the sample and one axis on the tip, in addition to the indentation transducer actuation, the PI-87 provides the ideal flexibility for SEM imaging, FIB fabrication and analytical analysis correlated with mechanical property investigations.

The Hysitron PI-87 features low force and displacement noise floors and high resolution, high speed acquisition suitable for nanomaterials investigations coupled with interchangeable indenter probes to provide the ideal stress loading of samples. The PI-87 enables correlated materials investigations at a new level of integration and convenience.

For more information on this new and innovative product from the leader in nanomechanical testing please contact us.

Nikon NeoScope II - Benchtop SEM

The Nikon NeoScope II provides individual laboratories and research groups access to high resolution SEM imaging at a low initial cost and with low ongoing maintenance.

The NeoScope II features

  • Low and high vacuum modes changed at the touch of a button
  • Ability to start in low vacuum mode for charge prone samples
  • 5kV, 10kV and 15kV and selection of probe and filament currents to optimise imaging
  • Back-scattered and secondary electron detectors
  • Quick pre-aligned filament cartridge exchange with automatic software realignment
  • Simple software operation, no more difficult than a digital camera
  • Dual view stored and live image display
  • Small footprint for reduced bench space
  • Manual XY stage and optional motorised rotation/tilt stage
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy module available for analytical investigation

This easy-to-use tool is effective for a wide variety of applications requiring quick yet effective high resolution imaging. To learn more about how this tool can be integrated into your laboratory please phone us today.

Metal particles, X4000, length measurement, the measurement result is saved in the format of image data

TMC – Precision Vibration Control

TMC has over 40 years experience in providing vibration control to precision manufacturing and sensitive instrumentation.

The Stacis iX product range incorporate years of experience with high performance closed-loop vibration cancellation technology to provide the quietest platform for today’s highest resolution TEM, SEM, FIB and EBL instruments. Building vibrations are a potential cause for reduction in resolution, image clarity and processing in these tools, and Stacis iX can help bring them back to their peak designed resolution.

Stacis technology can be integrated as

TMC also manufacture SEM and custom acoustic enclosures to control acoustic noise and active closed-loop magnetic field control to reduce unwanted field interference.

Characterisation at the Nanoscale

The pursuit of new and novel advanced materials to drive next generation devices requires a clear understanding of properties at the nanoscale. The NT-MDT Ntegra SPM platform is the ideal tool for high spatial resolution imaging in an ever changing laboratory environment.

Consideration has been taken to ensure high stability, high sensitivity and a high level of integration to enable the widest range of capabilities for investigation of material properties including:

  • Surface morphology
  • Mechanical and electrical properties
  • Environmental effects (liquid, gas, vacuum, temperature, applied magnetic field)
  • Chemical identification (Raman/fluorescence)

Careful design consideration enables the use of multiple testing configurations on the one base platform and the Ntegra is the ideal setup to grow with you as your research evolves.

NEW – permanent magnet based variable field sample stage field induced study of magnetically susceptible materials without head or vibration from electromagnet systems.

New information available for

  • Single pass Kelvin Probe and Dielectric studies
  • Magnetic Force Microscopy
  • TERS with resolution approaching 10nm

(a) a magnetic structure of a hard disk drive with bit size down to 30-40nm
(b-d) domain structures of different magnetically soft garnet films


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