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April 2015

Edinburgh Photonics Release Multi-function Transient Absorption Spectrometer

A first of its kind on the market, the LP980 spectrometer from Edinburgh Photonics allows for the measurement of transient absorption, laser-induced fluorescence and phosphorescence, time-resolved Raman spectroscopy and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) all in the one instrument.

The LP980 sets the standard for technical performance required in a premier research instrument, offering unsurpassed measurement capabilities across a broad range of chemical, physical and biological applications. The instrument has a dual sample chamber that enables users to accurately measure transient chemical and biological species at wavelengths up to 2.55µm using the pump-probe technique AND measure fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetimes down to nanosecond time ranges. Edinburgh's advanced software provides control of all components and measurements and completely eliminates the need to make manual adjustments to the instrument.

Download the brochure to learn more.

2MHz Lock-in Amplifier from Stanford Research Systems

Stanford's lock-in amplifiers have been recognised for decades for their high performance and excellent value in a wide range of synchronous detection applications.

Stanford has now expanded their product range with the addition of the new SR865 lock-in, with 2MHz capability. Building on the industry standard SR830 lock-in, this next-generation amplifier has several analog enhancements and many new features not found in other instruments.

A built-in touchscreen provides several options for viewing data. These include large numbers that can easily be read from across the lab, chart-recordings for a complete time-history of your data and FFT displays of the input and output signals. For situations where a dark lab is required, the touchscreen display and all front-panel LED's can be turned off with the push of a button.

The SR865 comes standard with GPIB (IEEE488.2), RS-232, USB device, and Ethernet interfaces. All instrument functions can be queried and controlled using any of the interfaces. A convenient front-panel USB flash storage port lets you quickly save/export your data and graphical screen shots.

Download the datasheet to learn more.

New ! Double-pulse Laser with 266nm Output for Combustion Studies

Quantel has recently announced the newest addition to their successful EverGreen product line; the EverGreen 266.

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is typically performed with 532nm lasers, however researchers are increasingly looking at different, more subtle effects that are best imaged via UV excitation. The EverGreen 266 allows users to image in the UV, thus permitting precise measurements of velocity and density fields for certain combustion experiments that are difficult to measure with traditional techniques.

The EverGreen 266 offers the following key features:

  • 2 x 30mJ pulses at 266nm
  • Double pulse operation up to 15Hz
  • Simple, hands-free switching between 532nm and 266nm
  • Compact, rugged and easily moved between experiments

Download the datasheet to learn more.

New EverGreen HP
With Energy up to 2 x 340mJ at 532nm

The EverGreen product line is further expanded with the new high power EverGreen HP platform. The EverGreen HP is available in several versions with a variety of energy and repetition rate combinations such as:

  • 2 x 340mJ at 15Hz
  • 2 x 100mJ at 100Hz
  • 2 x 50mJ at 200Hz

EverGreen HP offers the same ease of use, ruggedness and compact design of the other members of the EverGreen family and is an ideal choice for PIV applications requiring high pulse energy or repetition rate.

Download the datasheet to learn more.

New 2015 Semrock Catalogue

The new Semrock catalogue is now available. New products in this edition include:

* The RazorEdge dichroic family, which has been revised to reduce sensitivity to angular tuning, now delivering a shift of less than 0.20% per degree over a 35-55° angular range

* New wide-angle broadband mirrors to suit your beamsteering needs with wide-angle super broadband, visible and near-infrared versions

* An expanded offering of single-band bandpass, edge filters and dichroics, and new BrightLine laser dichorics tuned to 785nm and 1064nm

Download the new catalogue.


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