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Superfast Camera for Nanosecond Time-resolved Imaging

Andor has released its new iStar intensified sCMOS camera with a unique combination of nanosecond gating, high sensitivity, high dynamic range and superfast frame rate.

The new camera offers frame rates at least 50% faster than competing CCD or interline cameras while offering intrinsically low noise floor. A better signal-to-noise ratio can be achieved with lower intensifier gain, yielding higher dynamic range.

The iStar series offers <2ns optical gating on a range of high QE Gen 2 and Gen 3 intensifiers, with gating repetition rates up to 500kHz. The fully integrated, triple output delay generator features an ultra-low insertion delay and excellent timing accuracy down to a few 10's of picoseconds, allowing for extremely precise synchronisation of complex experiments through a comprehensive range of input/output triggering options.

The acquisition speed, sensitivity and gating capabilities of the iStar sCMOS make it a highly attractive choice for fast plasma imaging, combustion studies based on Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence (PLIF), transient absorption and time-resolved luminescence.

Download the datasheet to learn more.

Fibre Laser with 3kW Output

Coherent's HighLight FL series of fibre lasers is now available with power up to 3kW, suitable for cutting and welding a wide range of metals and alloys.

The new lasers use Coherent's unique modular architecture, which allows customers to choose either complete lasers with turn-key operation or modules to build their own custom laser systems.

The lasers can be modulated up to 5kHz with an external trigger signal for pulsed mode operation. An external analog signal can be used to set the output power and to ramp the laser power in a controlled manner to avoid artefacts at the corner of a cut or the beginning/end of a weld.

For more information see the video.

New OPO Provides Tunable Pulses from Deep-UV to Near-IR

Opotek's new Radiant OPO is a tunable laser system which generates nanosecond pulses tunable from the deep-UV to the NIR. Available in a 355nm or 532nm pumped configuration, the Radiant integrates all components into a single compact unit with a rugged design to minimise misalignment and allow easy relocation of the laser without the need for realignment. Wavelength tuning is PC-controlled and requires no user adjustments.

Every harmonic and OPO module inside the Radiant is hermetically sealed to protect the sensitive optical components, increasing the laser lifetime and reducing cost of ownership. All tunable beams exit the laser from the same port, resulting in a single beam path to the experiment.

Key features of the Radiant are:

  • >60mJ output (high energy version)
  • 192-2500nm tuning range
  • Low divergence design, <2mrad
  • Hands-free, PC controlled tuning
  • 100 million shot flashlamp lifetime
  • Fully integrated Quantel Q-smart pump laser

Download the datasheet.

Webinar : An Introduction to Non Destructive 3D Surface Texture Studies Using 3D Optical Microscope

Date: Wednesday 29 June 2016, 3:30pm AEST  REGISTER

There is an increasing demand amongst manufacturers across diverse industries relying on surface metrology for R&D and process quality control. Bruker understands your needs to provide non-contact surface texture measurement for a range of surfaces and materials. This webinar will present the following case studies:

  • 3D surface measurement techniques based on white light interferometry
  • The power of 3D related parameters surface characterisation compared to 2D
  • Surface finish characterisation


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