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March, 2012

NT-MDT Continue as the Best Solution for Combined Raman-AFM
Webinar March 20 and 22

The RnD100 awarded NTEGRA Spectra from NT-MDT continues to be the world leader for combined Raman-AFM.

The NTEGRA Spectra platform is capable of simultaneous optical and SPM techniques with diffraction limited confocal Raman performance optically to ~200nm (473nm laser) with simultaneous very low noise AFM and STM techniques. User friendly features include automated switching between excitation laser wavelengths and software controlled detection channel such as pinhole, slits and spectrometer resolution.

With the NTEGRA Spectra you have access to over 30 AFM/SPM modes, and it is also compatible with very high stability AFM and STM options as well as operation in liquid, inert gas environments and sample heating allowing investigation of the environmental influences on sample behaviour.

The NT-MDT NTEGRA Spectra it is the only platform with full and ideal controls to make advanced surface enhanced techniques such as TERS mapping experiments a success, including closed-loop laser positioning of excitation laser fixed to the AFM/STM probe position and spectroscopic CCD or EMCCD imaging cameras.

Ask us why the NTEGRA Spectra is the first choice for combined Raman/AFM.

NT-MDT are hosting an online seminar presented by the head of the spectroscopy division, Dr. Pavel Dorozhkin, titled “Enhanced Raman Scattering. Approaching 10nm spatial resolution in Raman imaging”. Click for details on how to register.

Download your copy of the 2012 SPM Probe and Accessories Catalogue now. Filled with consumables for AFM such as contact and non-contact type AFM probes, SNOM probes, calibration gratings as well as additional guide to SPM techniques, the NT-MDT SPM Probes and Accessories catalogue is a one stop resource for your AFM. For more information on discounted bulk quantity purchases or probes please contact your local sales person.

300mK Capable Low Cost Cryogenic Temperature Controller

The Model 335 cryogenic temperature controller from Lake Shore allows for cost efficient thermal management in cryogenic platforms. An operational capability from 300mK to 1505K also ensures use well beyond cryogenic temperatures.

Providing two sensor inputs, and two configurable PID control loops and a total of 75W heater power the Model 335 is suitable for most cryogenic applications. Additional features include in-built alarms and relays, USB and IEEE-488 interfaces and support for diode, RTD and thermocouple devices making it suitable for a wide range of control applications.

With a 3-year warranty as standard you can rest assured of high quality and reliability.

Discounted TMC Optical Table - Ready for Immediate Delivery

Optical table at bargain price for immediate delivery!

We are currently holding a new TMC optical table that is surplus to our customer’s requirements.

The table top is 1.5m x 1.5m x 200mm with metric holes and a rigid support frame.
Price is $5,990 (ex GST) plus local delivery charges. This represents a discount of 25% from new pricing.
The table is currently in storage in Sydney and is available for immediate delivery.

Please contact us for full details or a formal quote.

Introducing Nikon Industrial

Coherent Scientific has been your exclusive distributor for Nikon Biosciences products for over a decade. Now we are happy to bring to the Australia and New Zealand market Nikon’s range of industrial products including
Industrial and stereo microscopes
Profile projectors
CNC Video Measurement Systems
Non-contact surface profilers
3D Metrology tools.
Stay tuned for the next edition of NanoNews which will be filled with more details.
Want to know more now? Get in contact with us today.

The best gets better: 3 year warranty terms

Lake Shore are the world leader in reliable cryogenic instrumentation. To back that claim Lake Shore now offer a 3-year standard warranty on all new orders for Lake Shore manufactured instruments, including popular magnetic field measurement products and temperature control products as well as system level products such as cryogenic probe stations, magnetometers and Hall system platforms.

Cold Without the Cryogen: Two New CCR Probe Stations from Lake Shore

Lake Shore expand their popular cryogenic probe station line-up with the addition of two new magnet platforms cooled with closed-cycle Helium refrigeration for cryogen-free operation.

A new vertical field superconducting magnet system allows for varying sample stage temperatures from <10K-400K with SC fields to 2.25T and up to six probe arms. A new horizontal field electromagnet system allows up to 0.6T fields with full 360° sample stage rotation.

Take advantage of the stable measurement environment with the vibration specification <1µm, verified by laser interferometry, allowing for the lowest possible probe-sample contact noise. Fully integrated with Lake Shore magnet power supplies, temperature controllers and Gaussmeters, DC to 67GHz cryogenic probing has never been simpler or more reliable with 3 year warranty term as standard.

Welcome Lachlan McKimmie

As our Nanoscale Characterisation Division continues to expand we want to keep you abreast of who to contact and welcome onboard Lachlan McKimmie (VIC/SA/TAS) and Tristen Tan (NSW).

Lachlan joins us from a research background at the University of Melbourne where he spent 2 years as a Post-Doc following a PhD in ultrafast spectroscopy. He has extensive experience with a myriad of spectroscopic and imaging techniques, recently complementing this experience with factory training at Coherent Inc and NT-MDT. 

Welcome Tristen Tan

Tristen joins us following a career at Agilent Technologies sales and supporting Digital, RF, Optical and Nano measurements product line. Since working with Coherent last April, he has been working with Life Sciences Microscopy such as Livecell Imaging, Confocal, Multiphoton and Super Resolution, and will shortly look after the NT-MDT SPM product range in the Sydney and Canberra regions.


Dr Paul Wardill
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Christian Gow
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Andrew Masters
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