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February 2015

Princeton Instruments has released the ProEM®-HS line of high-speed EMCCD cameras for low-light imaging and spectroscopy applications. This advanced technology offers a combination of high quantum efficiency (>95% ), best fringe suppression in the near infrared and single-photon sensitivity.

The new ProEM-HS:512BX3 model delivers > 60 frames per second at full resolution while custom readout modes allow speeds of >1000fps with reduced region of interest. Other advanced features include a built-in light source for precise electron multiplication (EM) gain calibration, as well as excellent baseline stability, hardware time-stamping, and a Gigabit Ethernet data interface. Operation is made simple by Princeton Instruments' powerful, intuitive and user friendly LightField® software. Read more online or contact us for further information.

New Appointment to our Physical Sciences Team

We are pleased to welcome Jeshua Graham to Coherent Scientific. Many of you will know Jeshua already, having spent several years working in the photonics industry. He holds a BSc in Physics from the University of South Australia and is responsible for a range of laser and spectroscopy equipment sales.

Fianium Release OEM Version of High Power Whitelase Supercontinuum Laser

Fianium has released the new WhiteLaseTM OEM supercontinuum fibre laser at the recent Photonics West meeting in San Francisco. The new laser builds on Fianium's 10 years' experience manufacturing the world's highest performance supercontinuum lasers and provides an ultra-compact design with up to 10W optical power and blue-enhanced spectral output.

The WhiteLaseTM OEM produces picosecond pulses at 80MHz repetition rate, which can be varied down to 100kHz with the optional pulse picker, enabling a host of new possibilities for both broadband illumination and tunable laser applications.

Low Cost THz Systems and Components

Coherent Scientific now offers a range of low-cost sub-THz systems and components from TeraSense. The products include IMPATT diode generators in the 80-120GHz range, high-speed THz imaging cameras (50GHz – 1THz) and ultrafast sub-THz detectors (50GHz – 1THz) with response time of 150ps.

The THz cameras are available with a choice of formats including 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 pixels, with a pixel size of 1.5mm. The cameras are simple to operate and connect via standard USB interface.

TeraSense also offer extensive customisation capability to address requirements that are not met by the standard product.

Applications include identification of hidden objects and defects, quality control, medical diagnostics and security.


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