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June, 2012

NeoScope II with Optional EDS: New and Improved, the Best is Better

The best imaging quality benchtop SEM has just improved. The all new Nikon/JEOL-JCM-6000 NeoScope II features many of the qualities that made the original the best benchtop SEM on the market.

The sleek new NeoScope II has a range of valuable new features including:

  • Smaller footprint
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Ability to perform back scattered or secondary electron detection in high vauum
  • Dual window for simultaneous display of live and saved images for comparison purposes
  • Auto axis beam alignment after filament exchange to greatly simplify the process
  • Low-vacuum start mode for charge prone samples
  • Magnification to 60,000x
  • EDS now available!

Meeting the needs of most low to medium magnification SEM requirements, integrating high quality SEM into your lab has never been easier.

3D, Non-contact, Optical Profiling for Surface Characterisation

Measure surface step height, waviness, flatness and surface roughness with non-contact optical profilometry using the advanced Nikon BW series optical profiler. Capable of measuring sub-angstrom surface roughness and nanometre step height repeatability, the BW profiler is particularly well suited to provide quantitative analysis of a samples surface profile.

The Nikon BW series of microscopes is also supported by Digital Surf’s Mountains Software, a powerful software suite that provides access to all ISO certified 2D “R” parameters as well as the recently endorsed comprehensive 3D “S” surface parameters.

Renowned as the leader in optical microscopy, Nikon builds on its wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, producing a robust, well engineered product well suited to laboratory, RnD and industrial QC applications.

Upright Optical Microscope for Materials Science

Nikon Eclipse LV series optical microscopes provide a robust and versatile platform for optical inspection in the materials science and engineering providing:

  • LED or halogen episcopic illumination with diascopic option
  • CFI60 optics (extra long and super long working distance available)
  • Optional Digital Sight CCD imaging
  • Automation options
  • Simple daily operation
  • Custom configurations
  • Options to accommodate samples to 116.5mm thickness

Maximising observation flexibility in the LV series is easy with:

  • Brightfield, darkfield, DIC and polarisation
  • UV polarisation and UV fluorescence excitation
  • Double-beam interferometry

The Nikon LV series ensures outstanding imaging qualiy with ease-of-use and robust performance that only a Nikon microscope can provide.

Wide-field Imaging with High Magnification. Simple. SMZ

Routine optical inspection requires simplicity, ease-of-use and a robust design. All are found in the range of Nikon stereoscopic zoom microscopes, SMZ.

From the cost efficient SMZ445 with 4.4:1 zoom to the high performance SMZ1500 and its trinocular imaging, diascopic darkfield and even epi-fluorescence options, all SMZ microscopes feature:

  • Smooth focus and zoom mechanics
  • Robust pillar and stage construction
  • Generous working distances
  • Large field-of-view eyepieces with diopter adjustment

Depending on the model, other possibilities include:

  • Trinocular photography ports
  • Parallel or convergent optical systems
  • High resolution Apochromat objectives
  • Ergonomic tilting eyepiece tubes

To find out which model is best for your inspection needs contact us.


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