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New Smart Controller for Microinjection Pump

The UltraMicroPump III is a versatile pump from WPI which uses micro syringes to deliver picolitre to millilitre volumes. The pump is optimal for applications that require injections of precise and small amounts of liquid. With its new SMARTTouchTM touchscreen controller, the UltraMicroPump III can dispense as little as 0.53µL per step (using a 10µL syringe with a 60mm scale). The new SMARTTouch controller is also able to independently control two UltraMicroPumps.

Read more in the new 2017 WPI Laboratory Equipment catalogue (p66) or contact Tim Watts for further information.

Webinar Recording : Single Molecule Imaging: Applications To Cellular Processes

This webinar was presented by Professor Timothy Stasevich (Colorado State University) and Dr Christelle Rosazza (Andor Technology) back in March. During this webinar Professor Stasevich discusses real-time imaging of single mRNA translation dynamics in living cells, and Dr Rosazza highlighted Andor's solutions for single molecule imaging.

Click here to watch the recording.

Andor's New iXon Life
The Optimal Camera for Single-Molecule Imaging

For many years, Andor's iXon EMCCD cameras have been the "gold standard" for single molecule imaging. These cameras provide the highest possible sensitivity in demanding applications where the available photons are strictly limited.

Andor's new iXon Life EMCCD platform is available exclusively for fluorescence microscopy applications and is engineered to deliver single photon sensitivity with absolutely unparalleled price/performance. The camera is perfect for single molecule detection and live cell microscopy with minimised phototoxicity or photobleaching, but at a price not normally associated with high-performance EMCCD.

iXon Life is available in 1024x1024 and 512 x 512 sensor formats, is back-illuminated to deliver the highest and broadest quantum efficiency of any microscopy camera and is deep cooled to -80°C for minimal dark current. The new camera allows researchers to obtain the ultimate detector technology for single molecule biophysics and low-light live cell microscopy, in a budget friendly platform.

Call now for pricing or to arrange a demonstration ! Read more on Andor's website.

"Perfect Zoom System" Offers New Levels of Imaging Power and Versatility

Nikon's exclusive Perfect Zoom System provides the world's first zoom ratio of 25:1 (0.63x - 15.75x). Even with a 1x objective lens, the Nikon SMZ25 research stereomicroscope captures the entire 35mm dish and simultaneously delivers microscopic details.

A breakthrough in stereomicroscope design, the SMZ25's Perfect Zoom System dynamically changes the distance between the two optical axes as the zoom factor varies. This change in optical axis distance enables maximisation of light entry into the optical system at every magnification. The result is a large zoom range, high resolution in both eye-paths, and minimal aberrations over the entire zoom range.

Watch the video to learn more about Nikon's Perfect Zoom System or download the SMZ25 brochure.

Bruker Probes Development for Single Molecular Studies

Bruker have released new, purpose-designed probes for high resolution imaging in liquid environments. The new range of PeakForce-HiRs probes are optimised for Bruker's exclusive PeakForce Tapping imaging mode in liquid environments and obtaining the highest resolution structures on single biomolecular and biomolecular films. These probes have optimised cantilever geometry to limit the viscous drag in fluid environments and soft spring forces to ensure stable ultralow force imaging. Combined with a nominal 1nm tip radius, the PeakForce-HiRs probes can be used on any Bruker liquid imaging AFM platform including the BioScope Resolve, MultiMode8-HR or Dimension ICON/FastScan platforms to provide ultrahigh resolution images routinely.

New ultrasharp 1nm tip radius probes are also available for PeakForce Tapping in Air for high resolution materials science, and for high resolution biological dynamic studies using high speed imaging on the FastScan-BIO and BioScope Resolve platforms.

Image Right: Lattice structure of Bacteriorhodopsin (bR) taken on an inverted optical microscope with BioScope Resolve. Inset showing a single particle averaging of the bR trimer. Green circle showing a single lattice defect. Blue circle showing the lattice substructures. Z scale 0.6 nm.

For more information please contact us today or read more on Bruker's website.


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