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April 2015

High Speed Super-Resolution Imaging with Optimised Nikon N-STORM

Super resolution microscopy is a dynamic, rapidly evolving, exciting field of research. Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy, or N-STORM, achieves resolutions of the order of 20nm in X & Y and 50nm in Z.

Until now, one of the limitations placed on the STORM technique in general is that it has been unsuitable for live-cell imaging due to the relatively long image collection time, which is of the order of 10's of minutes.

At Focus on Microscopy in Germany, Nikon announced the release of their next generation N-STORM platform.

The Nikon N-STORM 4.0 imaging system is optimised for dynamic nanoscale imaging with the capability of acquiring super-resolution images of live cell phenomena. Utilising a high speed sCMOS camera, and changes to the software and labelling of cells, imaging frame rates of 500Hz are now possible, allowing users to acquire images of living specimens dynamically at 20nm resolution resolution in X & Y. Contact Dr Betty Kouskousis for further information.

Sample: Tubulin of BSC-1 cell labeled with Alexa Fluor 647*
Image right: Fluorescence observation by conventional N-STORM
Image left: Fluorescence observation by N-STORM 4.0, acquisition time : 20 seconds
*Alexa Fluor is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc

Pannoramic Confocal : Whole Slide Confocal Scanning

3DHISTECH's Pannoramic Confocal represents the latest evolution in ultra high quality fluorescence slide scanning. The combination of confocal imaging, award-winning whole slide scanning technology and an intuitive user interface ensures fluorescent samples scan in unprecedented quality with minimal fuss. Using innovative structured illumination confocal imaging to overcome traditional limitations, the Pannoramic Confocal delivers the highest light efficiency with minimal bleaching and fast scanning speed. Compatible with 3DView for incredible 3D digital reconstruction of fluorescent images.

Download the brochure to learn more.

Join the Campaign to Become a Mercury Free Microscopy Lab

The mercury arc lamp has long been used as a fluorescence microscope light source. However mercury arc lamps are hazardous, consume a lot of energy, have a high cost of ownership and are unreliable. Metal halide doped mercury arc lamps address the reliability, but metal halides contain about 3 times more mercury than traditional mercury lamps.

Coherent Scientific along with Lumencor can offer you solid state light engines with no toxic disadvantages, low cost of ownership at performance equal and better than that of mercury arc lamps.

Thinking about trading in your current light source? Contact us to receive a special trade-in deal for the Lumencor Sola 365 light engines. Offer expires at the end of April 2015.

Cage Incubator from Oko-lab

Oko-lab microscope incubators for the study and observation of sensitive human, animal and plant cells where it is necessary to have accurate control of the environmental conditions. They provide full microscope cage incubators, on-stage incubators and warm plates, and for each of these the temperature, CO2 and humidity levels can be very accurately controlled. Specifically their Cage Incubator is a large volume incubator which provides temperatures in the range 3°C to 45°C, with an accuracy of 0.1°C. New features include sliding doors on the front and side panels, allowing full and easy access to the microscope and a dimmable LED light allows illumination of the enclosure when needed.

Download the brochure to learn more.

Cell Culture Dishes for Embryo Research

With optical quality glass bottom, the Fluorodish Cell Culture Dishes from WPI provide superior imaging. They also offer the advantage of a low sample volume (an advantage when using expensive chemicals) and the lowest access angle for your micropipette. A low toxicity adhesive is used in these cell culture dishes making them ideal for embryo research.

Due to increasing popularity we are now carrying stock (in Adelaide) of 3 different types of the cell culture dishes from WPI - the FD35-100, the FD3510-100 and FD5040-100. They can be ordered through our online store or by contacting Tim Watts. We can offer fast delivery to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

If you have not yet tried these something dishes, contact Tim today to receive your free sample.


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