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Dedicated to Nano and Micro-scale Imaging and Characterisation

July, 2010

NT-MDT's New Scanning Thermal Microscopy Option for NTEGRA AFM's

Current and new NT-MDT users can upgrade Ntegra and Solver SPM platforms for Scanning Thermal Microscopy, a technique which allows mapping of temperature and thermal conductivity of surfaces with <100nm spatial resolution. Find out more.

Nikon's Compact Polarising Micrscope

The Eclipse 50i POL from Nikon is a compact polarising microscope with superb optical performance and ease of use. Available with both diascopic and episcopic illumination types. It uses a reversed entering quintuple nosepiece which accepts various compensators for advanced quantitative measurements.

NeoScope Benchtop SEM

The Nikon/JEOL NeoScope benchtop SEM includes back scatter and secondary electron detectors for superior versatility and high resolution imaging 40,000X magnification, as well as motorised tilt/rotation stage for convenient in situ sample adjustment.

NT-MDT - Leaders in SNOM

Scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) enables the study of sample optical properties with the spatial resolution of tens of nanometers. The NT-MDT Ntegra SNOM system supports all SNOM techniques - including fibre SNOM, catilever SNOM as well as the latest s-SNOM/a-SNOM techniques for the ultimate in experimental versatility. For more information see NT-MDT's new SNOM booklet.

PI-85 - Superior Nanoindentation in SEM

The Hysitron PI-85 SEM picoindenter combines well-known industry-leading stability and sensitivity from the nanoindentation leaders, with high resolution SEM imaging and associated techniques, to provide unique insight into the mechanisms responsible for materials behaviour. The PI-85 system is ideal for characterising fracture onset and crack propagatiom, delamination and pile-up. Time-sensitivie phenomena such as viscoelastic behaviour can also be observed in real time rather than "post mortem".

Ntegra Spectra - The Only Choice for AFM/Raman Integrated Systems for TERS

The Ntegra Spectra combines the many unique features of the high performance, versatile Ntegra series AFM's with high performance confocal Raman spectroscopy and is still the only commercially available, fully integrated AFM/Raman system that is uniquely optimised for mapping in Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. Need proof? Visit NT-MDT's website to download some of the many Tip-Enhanced Raman Papers published by our NT-MDT Ntegra Spectra Users. Or have a look at our special Graphene feature.

New! Hall System Enables Low Mobility Measurements

Lake Shore has released the 8400 AC/DC Hall Effect Measurement System with AC field capability. The instrument is the result of a joint development with Toyo Corporation (Japan) and provides low mobility measurements without the need for high-field, cryogenically-cooled superconducting magnets. The new system enables testing of many low mobility materials used in solar and other green applications, organic electronics and semiconductor research.

Mag-NetX - Field Cancellation for EM and IB

TMC Mag-NetX is a modular active magnetic field cancellation platform designed to provide ideal no-field environments for electron microscopes and lithography systems, ion beam instruments and other field sensitive devices.

Active sensing and real-time field cancellation are performanced with TMC's advanced electronic controller and provide continuous field monitoring and cancellation with a typical field improvement to 50x. Featuring PC connection for monitoring and feed forward inputs in column-mounted, floor-mounted or wall-mounted configurations the TMC Mag-NetX is sure to provide a suitable solution for most sensitive ion and electron beam meausrements.


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