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March, 2013

Lake Shore Acquire Princeton Measurement Corporation

Lake Shore has acquired Princeton Measurement Corporation and the MicroMag range of magnetometers including the Alternating Gradient Magnetometer (AGM) and Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) to complement Lake Shores own 7400 Series precision VSM platform.

Producing standalone VSM and AGM systems as well as a combined VSM+AGM the PMC/Lake Shore MicroMag range improve sensitivity to 10nemu and enable high speed acquisition (100ms/pt) for rapid sample measurement with high resolution.

For more information about the PMC MicroMag range please contact us today.

NT-MDT Release the First Automated Raman Platform

With over 15 years experience in AFM Raman, NT-MDT have released the world’s first automated Raman platform the SPECTRUM.

The SPECTRUM allows confocal Raman/Fluorescence and regular optical imaging techniques, at varying optical magnifications, to be combined simultaneously with AFM, SNOM or STM.  Simultaneous acquisition of data provides a wealth of combinatorial information about a specimens morphology, mechanical, electrical and chemical nature.

Automation on the selection of excitation laser, the sample position, cantilever alignment, probe approach and retraction and scanning parameters provides the simplicity required to undertake advanced procedures with minimal effort.

Signal enhancement is maximised for apertured and apertureless SNOM and TERS using the closed-loop piezo scanned excitation laser, with the capability to map signal responses across the tip and fix the relative laser position to nanometer precision.

For more information about the SPECTRUM or other products in the NT-MDT SPM range please contact us today.


TERS Webinar Announcement: Raman-AFM and Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) - Pushing the limits of resolution and sensitivity in chemical imaging.

Who should attend: Materials Scientists, Physicists and Chemists interested in:

  • TERS or "nano-Raman" imaging with the highest possible sensitivity and lateral resolution down to 10nm
  • Real TERS mapping (2D Raman imaging with high resolution); distinguishing from possible artifacts
  • Reproducible TERS tips with high enhancement factors
  • AFM-Raman instrument optimised for TERS
  • Scanning hear-field optical microscopy (SNOM)

Click below to register for:

Tuesday 26 March 9am GMT or Wednesday 27 March 2pm EST

Click here to download the announcement (pdf).

iNEXIV VMA Compact Precision Metrology

Many areas of manufacturing require some form of high resolution or high precision optical imaging including parts assembly, prototype inspection, process control and QC.

As the volume of parts increases the use of a rapid and automated measurement tool is the key to reducing overhead labour costs and keeping up with the production demand.

The compact Nikon iNexiv VMA-2520 is a cost effective solution to add automated metrology to the production line. Featuring dual layer, segmented ring light for ideal sample illumination, large 200mm z-axis stroke and 250 x 200mm stage, independent laser autofocus and capability for touch probe technology, the VMA-2520 is ideal for probing high volume parts and complex shapes.

Linkam Temperature Stages for Optical Inspection

Linkam Scientific Instruments manufacture a wide range of specialty purpose sample stages for optical microscopy. Encompassing a broad range of sample environments including inert or reactive gaseous environments, vacuum environments, cryogenic to ultrahigh temperature environments, Linkam stages allow continuous optical inspection to help discern the processes that underpin temperature dependant material evolution.

Stage temperatures range from -196°C to an astounding 1500°C. Stages can include optional sample electrical connectivity for probing electrical characteristics, and specialty windows are available for FTIR, Raman, Fluorescence and other critical spectroscopic applications.

Partner your new Linkam stage with a high quality LV150 Upright Industrial Microscope or MA200 Metallurgical Microscope from Nikon for the complete solution.


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