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Q-Smart 450 : The Most Flexible and Simple Nd:YAG Lasers from Quantel

The Q-Smart series of Nd:YAG lasers from Quantel offer users a simple, yet powerful system that ensures no-fuss operation and optimal performance at all times. Monolithic construction and a compact design provides superior beam geometry and the Q-touch screen interface makes the laser even easier to operate with the following benefits:

  • NEW: highest energy at 532nm and 355nm with a single doubling crystal
  • NEW: SLM option available and upgradable on site
  • 450mJ pulse energy at 1064nm
  • Repetition rates up to 20Hz
  • Quick-connect cables for fast installation by the end user
  • Innovative, automated phase matching of harmonics
  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • 2 year warranty on optics and mechanics

For users requiring higher energy, Quantel also offers the Q-Smart 850 with 850mJ at 1064nm. Download the brochure to learn more.

Tera K15 THz Time Domain Spectrometer - 2015 Edition !

Updated earlier this year, Menlo System's Tera K15 THz 2015 edition spectrometer is a complete spectroscopy package. Building on the stability of the T-Light ultrafast fibre laser, the Tera K15 is so stable it no longer requires a lock-in amplifier for operation. This means a simpler and faster method of acquisition, reducing typical acquisition times by nearly two orders of magnitude.

  • NEW: Detection scheme without lock-in amplifier
  • NEW: Increased speed for rapid scanning
  • NEW: Large >850 ps scanning range
  • NEW: Industry-proven ultra stable optical delay unit
  • Over 4.5 THz typical bandwidth

For an overview of Menlo THz products and applications click here.

Also enquire about Menlo's repetition rate aliasing Tera OSCAT technology for the fastest THz acquistion or imaging applications.

Compact and Affordable Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer

Edinburgh Instruments has introduced the FS5, a new fluorescence spectrometer with single photon sensitivity, designed for both research and analytical applications.

The base instrument provides steady state fluorescence measurements over an emission range of 230-780nm, with SNR of 6000:1 (water Raman). The capabilities of the base instrument may be extended via a range of convenient plug and play modules including:

  • Fully integrated fluroescence lifetime option (TCSPC based) for the measurement of lifetimes from picoseconds to microseconds
  • Phosphorescence lifetime option with a lifetime range from microseconds to seconds
  • Extended wavelength coverage up to 1650nm with no compromise to the UV/visible spectral range
  • Computer controller polarisers for automated anistropy measurement
  • Integrating sphere for quantum yield measurement
  • Sample temperature control

Download the brochure to learn more.

Piezoelectric Nanopositioning Stages

Aerotech's QNP-series of piezo nanopositioning stages offer sub-nanometre performance in a compact, high-stiffness package. A variety of travel (100 µm to 600 µm) and feedback options make this the ideal solution for applications ranging from microscopy to optics alignment.

The QNP stages employ closed-loop feedback using a unique capacitive sensor design that allows for sub-nanometre resolution and outstanding accuracy and repeatability

Multiple stages may be controlled via Aerotech's Q-series controllers. Software options such as Aerotech's Dynamic Controls Toolbox and Motion Designer packages provide a host of advanced yet easy-to-use tools such as Learning Control, Harmonic Cancellation and Command Shaping, providing improved tracking errors and faster step-and-settle times.

Download the brochure to learn more.


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