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November 2014

MultiMode 8 - The Standard for High Resolution AFM

Upgrade your existing MultiMode AFM by Friday 19th December for as little as AUD71,000 ex GST. Gain access to the latest AFM technology including:

  • ScanAsyst, automatic real-time image optimisation – get the best image results quickly and easily at any operator skill level
  • PeakForce Tapping – direct, sensitive force control to <50pN for imaging any sample type at high resolution
  • ScanAsyst-HR – high speed AFM imaging with ScanAsyst using specialised probe holder
  • PeakForce nanoMechancical (PF-QNM) and nanoElectrial (PF-TUNA, PF-KPFM) property mapping provides correlated property measurement of surface morphology, local mechanical and electrical property
  • HighSpeed Data Capture provides high speed data acquisition at up to 50MHz for the most detailed experiments
  • Latest NanoScopeV controller and NanoScope9 software all operating under Windows 7 64-bit

Compatible with your existing A, E and J scanners, the Bruker MM8 upgrade allows a low cost path to the latest in AFM technology.

Receive a AUD31,000 discount from the regular price for upgrade to the MM8, or a AUD40,000 discount from the regular price to upgrade including PeakForce QNM capability.

Contact us today to learn more.

Contour GT – High Performance 3D Microscopy

The latest generation Contour GT and NP Flex 3D interferrometric microscopes provide

  • The industries best measurement resolution and repeatability
  • Stable high brightness illumination allowing use on the broadest range of materials with reflectivity’s as low as 0.05%
  • Enhanced scanning modes such as HD-VSI and VXI
  • Large area image stitching and multi-region automation (with motorised XY compatible systems)
  • Vision64, tab-based 64-bit data acquisition and control for streamlined workflow

Until Friday 19th December 2014, trade-in your Wyko NT-series optical profiler for the latest Contour GT 3D optical microscope technology and receive up to a AUD35,000 credit for your old system.

Utilise your existing standard interferrometric objectives and save further on new configurations.

Contact us today to learn more.

The End of Year TMC Sale is on now !

Sale pricing applies to a wide range of the most popular pneumatic and rigid vibration control products including:

Discounted prices will apply for purchase orders received at Coherent Scientific by Friday 19 December 2014. Contact us today.

The End of year Nikon Sale is Now On !

Prices of many of Nikon's most popular microscopes have been reduced, including upright, inverted and the new high performance SMZ25 and SMZ18 stereomicroscopes. The New SMZ25 offers the world's largest zoom range, while maintaining high NA for superior resolution and exceptionally bright, uniform fluorescence. The new DS-Ri2 (colour) and DS-Qi2 (mono) CMOS digital cameras are also on sale offering high resolution images and fast data transfer. Read the full sale announcement online. Sale ends Friday 19 December. Contact us today.

New Probes for Nanoelectrical Measurements

Bruker's new conductive-doped, diamond-coated probes (Model Number DDESP-V2 and DDESP-FM-V2) provide high performance Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM), Conductive AFM (C-AFM) and Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) to characterise advanced semiconductor devices, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and biosensors. These probes provide prolonged tip lifetime in combination with boosted conductivity. Read more online or download the datasheet.


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