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February, 2013

Amazingly Deep In-vivo Imaging - Nikon Multiphoton Microscopes

The A1 MP+ and A1R MP+ multiphoton confocal microscopes provide faster and sharper imaging from deeper within living organisms. Newly developed ultrasensitive gallium arsenide phosphide (GaAsP) NDD has approximately twice the sensitivity of a standard NDD and allows clear imaging of deeper areas. Its ability to acquire bright images enables faster imaging and higher quality Z-stack imaging. Its high sensitivity allows acquisition of fluorescent signals with less laser power, resulting in less photo damage to living specimens.

The A1R MP+ microscope can now operate at longer wavelengths, out to 1080nm. This new feature enables you to expand your usable fluorescence proteins such as mCherry and mRFP1, and allows more efficient excitation with less laser power to achieve a brighter image.

New Surgical Instruments Catalogue from WPI

The new Surgical Instruments catalogue is now available from WPI. A variety of new products are available. The new Delrin tips (p24) are antistatic, antimagnetic, waterproof and heat resistant. A line of Swiss made Regine tweezers has been added (p36), constructed using the latest technology and skilled workmanship the precision of these tweezers is unparalleled. A new line of microsurgical knives offers six different cutting edges in a variety of sizes (p48). There are now also four new student surgical kits for anatomy, botany, entomology and dissection (p63). Download catalogue and read more.

Automated Well Plate Loader

Prior Scientific Instruments introduce the automated well plate loader the PLW20; designed for inverted microscopes and to complement the automated slide loader, the PL-200. Fully compatible with the Prior ProScan series controllers, the PLW20 features 20 Well plate capacity (2 hotels with 10 plates each), compatible with covered and uncovered well plates, fits all standard microwell plates up to 19mm thick and an optional barcode reader is available.

High Resolution Camera for Fluorescence Microscopy

The Photometrics CoolSNAP HQ2 is on sale at a reduced price until 31 March 2013. The CoolSNAP HQ2 is a fast, high-resolution camera designed for quantitative fluorescence microscopy applications. This cooled CCD camera delivers wide dynamic range with very low noise at both 10MHz and 20MHz. Megapixel resolution and small pixel pitch allow imaging of fine detail. The pixels can also be easily binned to improve sensitivity. Applications include live-cell imaging, high-speed emission ratio imaging, low-copy gene analysis and gene expression profiling.

ICSI Observation Systems

Nikon has developed new objectives that enable the observation of colourless and transparent specimens in plastic dishes using pseudo-relief shading, something that is impossible with DIC observation. With each CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD NAMC objective, the direction of the contrast can be rotated 360°, while shade can also be adjusted in the desired direction.

The SMZ1500 top-of-the-line Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope has a zoom ratio of 15:1 (0.75x to 11.25x), which produces high-resolution, high contrast images up to the periphery and enables observation with reduced flare. Oblique Coherent Contrast (OCC) illumination built into a C-DSD diascopic stand allows high-contrast, pseudo-relief observation of colourless and transparent specimens.

Download the new brochure to learn more.

Microscopy Essentials in Stock

Maintenance of your microscope is essential to achieve the maximum performance of your microscope during its life. To make this easier, we are now keeping in stock all of the items you need; lens cleaning tissue, immersion oil, lens cleaning kit, blow balls and dust covers. Please download the flyer for full details or contact Julia King phone (08) 8150 5255 or order online.


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