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Andor Marana Back Illuminated sCMOS

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Andor Marana Back Illuminated sCMOS

Andor Marana Back Illuminated sCMOS

Large field of view


Marana is Andor’s latest high performance sCMOS camera platform, ideal for diverse applications within the physical sciences such as astronomy, Bose Einstein Condensation, quantum optics, hyperspectral imaging, neutron tomography and fast spectroscopy. It launches with the large field of view Marana 4.2B-11 back-illuminated sCMOS model, featuring 95% Quantum Efficiency (QE), market-leading vacuum cooling to -45°C and 11µm pixel for optimal photon collection. The large 32mm diagonal sensor, coupled with rapid frame rate capability, renders the camera ideal for space debris tracking and Near Earth Object (NEO) detection.


  • 95% QE and -45°C - most sensitive back-illuminated sCMOS available
  • 4.2 Megapixel/32mm sensor - perfect for astronomy
  • 48fps full frame (faster with ROI) - track fast events without smear
  • >99.7% linearity - superb quantitative accuracy across full dynamic range
  • Vacuum longevity and quality - no moisture on sensor, no QE decay

Andor’s unique capability to deliver the ultimate in sCMOS sensitivity means signal to noise can be optimised under light starved conditions, ideal for tracking smaller orbital objects, spectroscopic detection of trace concentrations and BEC fluorescence detection of discrete numbers of atoms/ions. Higher sensitivity also means that exposure times can be shortened, facilitating faster frame rate measurements of dynamic processes, complimented by 48fps frame rate. Marana 4.2B-11 comes with a choice of QE profiles, the UV enhanced option (‘BU’) extending usefulness towards specific application requirements between 260nm and 400nm. The innovative ‘dual-amplifier’ approach to extended dynamic range is ideal for accurately visualizing and quantifying challenging scenes that have both extremely weak and bright regions, such as solar measurements and spectroscopic materials characterisations. Furthermore, to achieve best-in-class quantification accuracy, Andor have implemented enhanced on-head intelligence to deliver market-leading linearity of > 99.7% across the whole dynamic range, ideal for accurate photometry.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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