We are continually adding to the range available on this website, but if the product you require is not listed, please contact us for further assistance.


World Precision Instruments products are used in diverse research areas such as cardiovascular physiology right through to neurophysiology.

We currently offer a select range of their dissection and surgical instruments product range available for purchase online. If you would like a copy of the full WPI catalogue posted to you, please send us an email request to

Coherent Coherent Inc. provides laser-based solutions, laser measurement instruments, and optical components to a broad base of commercial and scientific research customers.

We currently offer the popular Coherent LaserCheck power meter for online purchase, and will be adding more products soon.
Nikon Nikon SMZ445 and E100 microscopes are available for purchase online as well as replacement microscope globes and immersion oils. Nikon's full range of biomedical microscopes and digital cameras are available by contacting us directly.

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Cell Culture Dishes
Dissecting & Surgical Instruments
Electrosurgery & Cautery
Laser Measurement & Control
Microscope Consumables