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MeasureReady FastHall Station

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MeasureReady FastHall Station
25 May

MeasureReady FastHall Station

Lake Shore has released the new MeasureReady™ FastHall™ Station (HMS-TT-MAN). In addition to the M91 FastHall measurement controller, this fully integrated, high-precision tabletop measurement system includes a Windows® 10 PC, 1T permanent magnet, high-precision sample holder, and all the necessary software and cabling to provide a wide range of Hall measurement capabilities.


The sample and connections are contained in a light-tight Faraday enclosure with fully guarded triax connections, enabling measurement of mobilities down to 0.01 cm2/V s for van der Pauw samples and resistances up to 1GΩ. Plus, the software provides standard sequences, customisable test scripts, charts, and exportable reports. Also available: Gate bias and LN2 sample space options.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.