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New Upright Microscope

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New Upright Microscope
07 Oct

New Upright Microscope

Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the Eclipse Ci-L plus biological microscope.


Long term microscope users know all too well the issues of back and neck strain along with eye fatigue associated with operating and observing specimens under a microscope every day. To reduce these common fatigue problems, Nikon has designed the Eclipse Ci-L plus biological microscope with the intent of eliminating unnecessary operator movements while maintaining the high optical performance of the existing model, the Eclipse Ci-L. The Eclipse Ci-L plus enables users to concentrate on their observations and helps reduce fatigue associated with repetitive microscope operation.



  • LIM (Light Intensity Management) helps reduce eye strain by preventing sudden light intensity changes after changing magnifications
  • Ergonomic design contributes to reducing physical strain
  • Front panel display enables confirmation of magnification and illumination status at a glance
  • Scale bar adjustment linked to nosepiece rotation for more efficient observation
  • Automatic shut-off with ECO mode


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