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Solid State Illuminator for Colour Light Microscopy

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Solid State Illuminator for Colour Light Microscopy
25 Jul

Solid State Illuminator for Colour Light Microscopy

The LIDA light engine is Lumencor's newest offering in a portfolio of high-performance, solid state illuminators for life sciences applications. It is designed from the ground up to work hand-in-hand with the latest monochrome cameras to generate RGB colour transmitted light images with unprecedented sensitivity, spatial resolution, speed and colour fidelity.

Conventionally, transmitted light colour images have been acquired using white light sources and colour cameras. However single-exposure acquistion of colour information comes at the expense of lower speed, less spatial resolution, reduced dynamic range and increased noise in colour cameras compared to grey-scale cameras.

The LIDA light engine integrates three solid state sources, including Lumencor's exclusive green luminescent light pipe, with the sophisticated control electronics required for high speed synchronisation of light output with camera exposure time. Transmitted light images are captured in one electroncially controlled high speed sequence.

Lumencor is excited to enable this synergistic combination of new illumination and camera technologies for histologists, clinical pathologists and anyone seeking improvements in the speed, sensitivity and precision of colour tranmistted light microscopy.

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