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SRRF Stream Special Promotion

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SRRF Stream Special Promotion
04 Feb

SRRF Stream Special Promotion

Unlock powerful super-resolution images from conventional fluorescence microscopes with Andor's SRRF Stream and iXon EMCCD Cameras with this special offer valid until 31 March 2020.


Andor SRRF-Stream is a Real-Time Super-Resolution Microscopy module that is offered as an extension of iXon Life and iXon Ultra EMCCD camera functionality. SRRF-Stream, presents a powerful super-resolution approach that is also widely accessible, being (a) applicable to most existing modern fluorescence microscopes, and (b) compatible with conventional fluorophores, such as fluorescent proteins. There is no requirement for specialised photo-switchable fluorophores as is tpically required for localistion super-resolution approaches. The resolving power of SRRF Stream is excellent, yielding a resolution improvement between 2- and 6- fold for most datasets.


This special offer is for the purchase of a new iXon camera you will receive SRRF Stream at no additonal charge, expiring 31 March 2020. Contact us today.