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Supercharged Calcium Imaging

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Supercharged Calcium Imaging
06 Oct

Supercharged Calcium Imaging

CoolLED are excited to introduce their new LED microscope illuminator for lightning-fast calcium imaging, pH monitoring, rtiometric fluorescence, FRET and everyday fluorescence micrsocopy, the pE-800fura


Fluorescence freedom : 8 powerful LED's span 340-635nm to cover all popular calcium and pH indicators, fluorophores and opsins from Fura-2 to Cy5.

Lightning-fast microscopy : Capture dynamic events at the highest temporal resolution and enhance the accuracy of ratiometric measurements with <7µs TTl triggering

Affordable automation: Inline excitation filters and our unique Sequence Runner for triggering illumination sequences with just a single TTL-out of a camera transforms a manual microscope into a powerful automated imaging system.
Low phototoxicity: Comprehensive controls such as fine irradiance modulation and individual channel switching protect samples from phototoxicity and photobleaching, also pushing the boundaries of time-lapse imaging.

Simply better control: In addition to electronic, analogue and GUI control via The LightBridge, full support is available in several imaging software platforms, including NIS Elements and µManager. Integration in cellSens is achieved using the pE-6501-8-FR USB controlled TTL trigger box.


Fur further information please read more, contact us or watch the video tutorials.