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Bruker Dimension IconIR AFM

Bruker Dimension IconIR AFM

Bruker Dimension IconIR AFM

Highest performance, large sample nanoIR with PeakForce property mapping

Bruker NanoSurfaces



Bruker’s large-sample Dimension IconIR system combines nanoscale infrared (IR) spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy (SPM) on one platform to deliver the most advanced spectroscopy, imaging, and property mapping capabilities available for academic researchers and industrial users. Incorporating decades of research and technological innovation, IconIR provides unrivaled performance based on and building off the industry-best AFM measurement capabilities of the Dimension Icon®. The system enables correlative microscopy and chemical imaging with enhanced resolution and monolayer sensitivity, while its unique large-sample architecture provides ultimate sample flexibility for the broadest range of applications.


In a single system, IconIR provides the highest performance for nanoscale infrared spectroscopy, chemical imaging resolution, and monolayer sensitivity. Only Dimension IconIR delivers:

  • High-performance nanoIR spectroscopy with accurate and repeatable FT-IR correlation, <10 nm chemical resolution, and monolayer sensitivity
  • Correlative chemical imaging with PeakForce Tapping® nanomechanical and nanoelectrical modes
  • Highest Performance AFM imaging and unmatched sample flexibility with large-sample accommodation*
  • The broadest available range of coordinating applications accessories and AFM modes


Together with Bruker-exclusive PeakForce Tapping nanoscale property mapping and proprietary nanoIR spectroscopy technology, the Dimension IconIR system's large-sample platform is uniquely well-suited for correlative studies of materials and active nanoscale systems in electrical or chemically reactive environments—even complex systems with strong mechanical heterogeneities.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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