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Bruker InSight AFP

Bruker InSight AFP

Bruker InSight AFP

Fifth-generation AFP with industry’s highest resolution, fastest profiling, and rapid 3D die mapping

Bruker NanoSurfaces

InSight AFP is the world’s highest performance and industry preferred CMP profiling and etch depth metrology system for advanced technology nodes. The combination of its modern tip scanner with inherently stable capacitive gauges and an accurate air-bearing positioning system enables non-destructive, direct measurements in the active area of dies.


Highest Resolution with Longest Tip Life

InSight AFP's TrueSense® technology, with the proven long-scan capability of an atomic force profiler. Etch depth, dishing, and erosion on submicron features can be monitored fully automated with unsurpassed repeatability without relying on test keys or models. It’s unique.


Fully-automated, Inline Process Control for Etch and CMP Wafers

The Insight AFP combines the latest innovations in atomic force microscopy, including Bruker’s proprietary CDMode characterising sidewall features and roughness.  CDmode reduces the amount of required cross-sectioning, realising significant cost savings. In addtion, AFP data provides a direct side-wall roughness measurement that cannot be obtained through other techniques.  


Automated Defect Review and Classification

The device killing defects of today's leading ICs are smaller than ever and require rapid resolution for HVM demands. The InSight AFP provides fast, actionable topographical and material information about defects on semiconductor wafers and phtomasks that allows manufacturers to rapidly identify sources of defectivity and eliminate their impact on production.

100x high-resolution registration optics and AFM Global Alignment enable less than ± 250 nm raw image placement accuracy for patterned wafer and mask ensuring that the defect of interest is the defect measured.

The system is fully compatible with KLARITY and most other YMS systems.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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