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Bruker/JPK NanoWizard 4 XP Nanoscience AFM

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Bruker/JPK NanoWizard 4 XP Nanoscience AFM

Bruker/JPK NanoWizard 4 XP Nanoscience AFM

Extreme performance meets utmost flexibility

Bruker NanoSurfaces



The NanoWizard 4XP from Bruker/JPK is the ideal choice for researchers seeking a high performance AFM combined with advanced optical integration. The NanoWizard NanoScience AFM head includes capability for quick and reliable fibre coupling for top-down external illumination, integration with both top-down and bottom up fluorescence microscopes, and fibre coupled transmission detection with inverted microscopes. This makes it the ideal choice for researchers investigating photonics, solar, LED and organic electronic materials.   The NanoWizard 4XP NanoScience AFM delivers atomic resolution performance to large scan range of 100µm and fast scanning with rates of up to 150 lines/sec, combined with seamless integration with advanced optical techniques.  With a wide range of modes and accessories for environmental control, mapping of nanomechanical, electrical, magnetic or thermal properties, the NanoWizard 4XP can power your materials research into the future.



  • PeakForce Tapping® for easy imaging
  • Fast Scanning option with up to 150 lines/sec
  • NestedScanner Technology for high-speed imaging of surface structures up to 16.5µm with outstanding resolution and stability
  • New tiling functionality for automated analysis of large sample areas
  • V7 Software with revolutionary new workflow-based user interface
  • DirectOverlayTM 2 software for perfect integration and data correlation with advanced fluorescence microscopy platforms
  • VortisTM 2 controller for highs-peed signal processing and lowest noise levels

Image right: Phase images showing dynamic growth front of a poly-hydroxybutyrate-co-valerate (PHB/V) spherulite crystallisation. Line rate : 150line.sec.


PeakForce Tapping

PeakForce Tapping provides superior force control and an uncomplicated setup, no matter what the sample or enviroment. No expert knowledge or cantilever tuning is necesary. It enables precise control of probe-to-sample interactions and minimises imaging forces, thereby protecting your tip and ensuring consistent, long-term, high-resolution imaging.


Image right: PeakForce Tapping images of Isotactic Polypropylene (IPP) dropcast as a thin film. (1) Topography overview image with inset region marked. Height range: 50nm (2) Topography zoom into marked region. Height range:25nm


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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