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Bruker AFM Probes

Bruker AFM Probes

Bruker AFM Probes

AFM expertise built into every probe, for every AFM

Bruker NanoSurfaces

As the worldwide leader in scanning probe microscope (SPM) and atomic force microsocpe (AFM) instrumentation, Bruker is consistently driving and shaping the future of the industry. Over the past year, Bruker has developed new industry-leading AFM systems for life sciences and materials research, new software and applications capabilities, and revolutionary imaging techniques and modes.


Bruker is the only major AFM/SPM equipment manufacturer that also owns and operates a probes nanofabrication facility. Being one of the world's largest probe users, Bruker have an intimate understanding of the value of every single component in a high-performance AFM system. Their dedication to manufacturing probes, coupled with their expertise in AFM, ensure that Bruker are uniquely equipped to deliver the most complete AFM solution for the widest variety of applications.


The Bruker AFM probes Nanofabrication Centre features:

  • Class 100 clean rooms
  • Advanced design and fabrication process toolset
  • An in-house probes design team that collaborates with Bruker AFM scientists and engineers
  • An agile production team that produces a wide variety of different probes
  • A comprehensive quality system ensuring industry leading probe performance

Your data depends on repeatable probe performance and quality, from one probe to the next. With Bruker's tightly controlled nanofabrication, compehensive quality testing, and AFM expertise, you can be confident that their probes will deliver the results you require, not only for your current applications, but also for the emerging research of tomorrow.


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