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WPI Sl-H Column Langendorff Perfused Heart System

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WPI Sl-H Column Langendorff Perfused Heart System

Isolated perfused heart system, single and dual buffer column

World Precision Instruments


The SlH-LANG1 and Sl-LANG2 isolated perfused heart system were developed for in vitro investigations of the hearts of small animals according to the methods originated by Oscar Langendorff. The system can be configured easily to perform many of the common methods used to study isolated hearts. Supplementary devices, like a special ECG sensor or a constant flow/pressure device, can easily be added to the system.

The Langendorff system is designed as a perfusion system for isolated, small mammalian hearts. Some of the special features of this system include the stainless steel sink, the small reeling pump and specially designed, two-way Teflon taps.


  • Retrograde perfusion of isolated hearts from mouse, rat, guinea pig, hamster and rabbit
  • Measurements in constant pressure or constant flow mode on the same device
  • Equipped with two columns for using different buffers
  • Capable of recording aortic pressures as high as 120mmHg
  • Equipped for measuring left ventricular pressure (LVP)
  • Ports in the system are available for measuring pressure, flow, temperature and surface potentials, and for the infusion or injection of drugs
  • Continuous filling of buffer columns with use of a pump
  • Continuous oxygenation of buffers
  • Water-jacketed system for precise temperature control
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