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WPI Ussing System

WPI Ussing System

Non-destructive TEER measurement for epithelial tissue

World Precision Instruments

WPI's Ussing System offers researchers a quick, effective means of making low-resistance electrical connections to the Ussing chamber without need of long agar bridges or Calomel half-cells. Ag/AgCl half-cells screw into short tubes which plug firmly into place in the chamber's luer ports. These direct-connect electrodes eliminate the inconvenience and expense of Calomel half-cells in open liquids.


  • Direct connect low-resistance electrodes
  • Simple operation, easy to control temperature and clean after use
  • Luer type leak-free attachment of tubing and electrodes
  • Recessed electrode parts avoid bubble formation
  • Secure membrane holdin by sharp stainless steel pins or O-ring
  • Specialised chamber adapts cell culture insert (Costar Snapwell) for monolayer culture
  • Chambers with rectangular openings for tubular tissues from small animals

WPI's classical Ussing Chambers are well established perfusion chambers that are easy to operate, easy to control temperature, and easy to clean after use. Hundreds of them are used daily by scientists in the field. Ussing Chambers are machined from solid acrylic with eight entry ports for fluid lines, electrodes, or agar bridges. For easy, leak-free attachment of tubing and electrodes, all eight ports are luer type. The four ports for voltage and current electrodes are recessed to prevent formation of air bubbles in the chamber.

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