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TMC Mag-NetX Magnetic Field Cancellation System

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TMC Mag-NetX Magnetic Field Cancellation System

Actively compensates for magnetic field fluctuations


Building upon their ability to use advanced control techniques to actively sense and cancel building floor vibations, TMC now offer Mag-NetX a product that actively compensates for magnetic field fluctuations.

Designed both for point-of-use and OEM applications, Mag-NetX is ideal for scanning and transmission electron microscopes, electron beam lithography, ion beam instruments, and any tools that incorporated a charged beam. Combined with TMC's advanced vibration isolation systems, Mag-NetX provides the ultimate control of vibration and magnetic fields.

Features and benefits:

  • Helmholtz coil pairs for maximum symmetry and uniformity
  • Continuous field cancellation
  • Continuous field monitoring
  • Set and forget operation
  • Several AC and DC cancellation modes available
  • 100x field improvement (typical)
  • Dynamic, 100µs response
  • Accurate field measurement
  • Graphical User interface with continuous system monitoring and analysis
  • Optional feedforward compensation of line frequency and harmonics
  • Optional feedforward capability for other inputs
For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.




  Mag-NetX datasheet                                          Read more on TMC's website