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Lake Shore CRX-VF Probe Station (Cryogen-free)

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Lake Shore CRX-VF Probe Station (Cryogen-free)

Lake Shore CRX-VF Probe Station (Cryogen-free)

Cryogen-free vertical field superconducting magnet probe station


The Model CRX-VF is a cryogen-free, closed-cycle refrigerator probe station enhanced with a 2.5T vertical field superconducting magnet. It performs CV, IV, microwave and electro-optical probing, plus out-of-place vertical field superconducting magnetic measurements. Researchers can use the CRX-VF for performaing Hall effect measurements and testing magneto-transport parameters. It is designed to enable true 90° wafer probing on wafers up to 51mm (2") in diameter. The sample is maintained at elevated temperature during cool-down, reducing the potential for condensation, a critical requirement for measuring organic materials.



  • Cryogen-free operation
  • Allows unsupervised cooldown
  • Standard probing plus out-of-plane vertical field superconducting magnetic measurements
  • True 90° probing
  • Customisable up to 3T with specialised probes
  • Customisable to make Hall measurements
  • THz probe arm option for precise on-wafer contact probing of millimeter wave devices at THz frequencies (75GHz and up)

For further information please contact us or download the Probe Station catalogue.


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