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APE HarmoniXX Frequency Converter

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APE HarmoniXX Frequency Converter

APE HarmoniXX Frequency Converter

Frequency converters for ultrafast laser




HarmoniXX is a series of frequency converters for ultrafast lasers, in particular for Ti:S lasers, but available for other wavelength ranges as well. The flexible architecture of these devices provides means for Second Harmonic Generation (SHG), Third Harmonic Generation (THG) and Fourth Harmonic Generation (FHG) as needed. The modular instrument design focuses on being user friendly and also compact, with automated wavelength tuning available.



  • Second harmonic generation
  • Third harmonic generation
  • Fourth harmonic generation
  • Difference frequency generation
  • Easy alignment and automatic wavelength tuning
  • Suitable for both tunable and fixed frequency fs and ps lasers
  • Excellent pointing stability and beam profile
  • Remote operation via software GUI

The HarmoniXX is equipped with quickly exchangeable optics and works with an extremely wide range of different pulse widths, it can be used with tens of picoseconds as well as with pulses as short as sub-twenty femtoseconds. Great care has been given to the optimisation of the conversion efficiency over this large pulse width range. As a result these high conversion efficiencies can now be achieved at various power levels and with minimum pulse broadening.


Additionally, the HarmoniXX series is now equipped with precise stepper motors to control all elements that require regular adjustment via the software GUI. This eliminates the need to open the device at all during alignemnt, which furhter improves the laser safety of the devices and keeps the optical elements free from contamination. APE offers the user all necessary tools for integration of the HamoniXX into an automated laboratory setup.


For futher information please contact us or download the datasheet.


   HarmoniXX datasheet                                                                HarmoniXX DFG datasheet


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