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APE Spider IR Phase Resolved Pulse Measurement

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APE Spider IR Phase Resolved Pulse Measurement

Towards short pulses at 1µm central wavelength


The Spider IR is a precision tool optimised for the complete spectral and temporal characterisation of laser pulses in the infrared. Based on the patented Spider* technology, it extends the existing range of APE Spider models to cover longer pulses, between 30 and 500fs, at a central wavelength of around 1µm.


  • Best choice for pulses between 30 and 500fs at 1µm central wavelength
  • Spectral intensity and phase plus temporal intensity and phase measurement
  • Real-time and true single-shot measurement of intensity and phase
  • High level of automated software support and internal camera-assisted alignment
  • Full software suite included

It also supports detection of the chirp sign for stretched pulses greater than 2ps width, making it a smart choice for the alignment of pulse compressors.

With its two internal spectrometers (fundamental spectrum and upconverted interferogram) the Spider IRis able to simultaneously measure and analyse both spectra needed for the pulse reconstruction, by using the same pulse. This gives it true single-shot capability.

A high degree of automation for software assisted device calibration and alignment is implemented for user-friendly operation and to enable measurements with low input intensities.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

* Spectral Phase Interferometry for Direct Electric-field Reconstruction; International Patent No.: 1000315, WO 1999/006794


Spider IR datasheet                                                Read more on APE's website